Friday, February 16, 2007

We made it!!

Well, okay, maybe we didn't make IT, but we made it, in a way. Maybe I should explain. When I said we I meant Bux-Mont Awards, and when I said it, I meant the Bucks County Herald.

The Herald was kind enough to feature us in this weeks business section, and just when we were planning to announce the opening of our new store. So if you are a local and into the Herald, you should check it out, it's a pretty good article eloquently written by Mr. Joe Ferry, the editor of the paper. I will post a pdf link on our website under news, so be sure to take a look.

Friday, February 2, 2007

New Things!

I know it has been a short while since you last heard from me, but hey, it's a lot of work being the premiere recognition provider in the area. A lot of people need to be recognized for a lot of things, and there are only so many of us here at Bux-Mont Awards and so many hours in the day, so what to do. Unfortunately one must make sacrifices in order to get all the work out the door and those sacrifices come in the form of not writing as often as I would like. My apologies.

So about those new things. It is a new year, actually it is February now (wow who knew it could go so fast), and with that new year came a new blog, actually it is two new blogs, with another one coming soon. We have blog for everything and a couple of them might even contain something you want to read. This blog here, for example, is for anyone who wants to keep up to date on things that happen in the world of Bux-Mont Awards and the recognition industry. Like our new blog(s); another thing new that is happening is an expansion of Bux-Mont Awards, and not just the continued expansion into the internet, real, bricks and mortar type expansion, of the new store variety.

Yes you read that right, and we are currently in the process of renovating space for a new store in the Lower Salford/Harleysville area. The address of the new store is Suite 310 Maple Ave, Harleysville PA, 19438. We are located across the street from the historic Harleysville Hotel, and in the same building as the Bike Works. Those in the area may have noticed a coming soon sign on the window, and we are constantly progressing. If you need directions you can look to google maps.

We noticed, not too long ago, that more and more people from the Montgomery area have been visiting our store, here in Sellersville, in need of recognition products. While this was going on it was decided that to properly serve all of our customers, both current and future, we would best be suited opening a store in the Montgomery County area. Now we know that lower Montgomery county already has Gerharts Engraving and up rte. 29 there is another trophy shop in Green Lane, but Harleysville and Lower Salford was lacking in awards and engraving expertise. Also, we thought that some of you that live in that area would want access to some of the new products that have become available to the recognition industry in recent years like digital imprinting, and some more of you would want to utilize our one stop shop for recognition products, promotional products and apparel. In order to give people a better idea of the variety of products we have available, we have decided to expand. Having two showrooms enables us to be better equipped to offer our customers the many products they desire and need.

So we are growing, in our 15th year in business, to ensure that you, the customer, gets exactly what they need. Just like we started our blogs to show our customers effective ways to recognize achievements, we are opening a new store to give our customers the choices they desire in their recognition and promotional products. Your the reason we have been here 15 years, and you are the only reason we have to be here another 15 or more. It is always appreciated, and we like what we do; enabling our customers to recognize achievements, and to promote their business. More to come, but for now recognition calls!!