Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Featured Products

It's the time of year when parents are busy readying their kids for school, and everyone is wishing summer was just a couple weeks longer. We will take this opportunity, these last couple days of the summer, to spotlight certain products that are sure to succeed in creating lasting memories and building better lives through recognition. Enjoy!


These resins create lasting impressions in the winners minds, and definitely will cause the event that the winner received the award at to be a memorable one. Resins offer the unique opportunity to change up your awards without compromising quality, and even creating a greater perception of quality, while saving on costs. Resins come in many shapes and sizes. Some, like the bowling resin from PDU pictured above, come hand painted, while others are offered in different sizes.

For previous jobs we have taken resins and used them to create custom team trophies for tournaments. These are great because no one has ever used them before, and we know that the customer has a truly unique option for recognizing their championship teams!