Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Recognizing Acheivement to Build a Better Event

This is a fact. Recognizing achievement helps make your event complete, engages your participants in a new way, and leads to greater participation in future events. The reasons for this are complex but it boils down to our needs to be recognized for what we do. The greater the recognition of the event the greater the urge to participate and to succeed. This is true in businesses, in sports, and in life in general.

Think about it, people who are passionate about acting tend to become actors. They have the drive to succeed. They see the recognition other stars get and that propels them to strive to perfection in order to gain entrance onto that stage.

The same is true of successful sales people, who are usually looking for monetary compensation. Recognizing their achievements other, non monetary ways, often times will cause a greater bond to build between a company and its sales force. Which company would you want to sell for, company A who only gives a monetary performance based bonus, or company B, who gives the same bonus amount, but also gives out sales awards at a company conference each year? Which sales force do you think sells more?

This is also evident in youth sports, education, and many other aspects of life. Kids watch sports on TV and see the ultimate trophy being won by their favorite player, and they strive to be that player. We have all pretended to be that person in our back yard, Tiger Woods at TPC putting for the win, or pitching the final out in game seven of the World Series, or scoring a touchdown in the final seconds of the Super Bowl.

It is ingrained in us, this drive to succeed, to achieve, but the whole thing hinges on the recognition. The more you get recognized the more you want to and believe you can achieve.

We are here to help you navigate the waters of successful recognition practices. It is not a one size fits all approach. It is dependent upon many things including your industry, your event type, and your goals. There is something for everyone, the problem is finding someone who can help solve your problems. This is the niche we look to fill. In recognition and engraving services.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bux-Mont Awards shirt imprinting: a history

When we first started offering imprinted shirts it was becuase we had a machine that we were using for our recognition and awards business that also could be used to imprint shirts. The technology was not very good and we ended up scrapping the whole shirt imprinting until we started screen printing.

At around the same time we became beta testers for another imprinting process that was a transfer process. This method worked a lot better than our old method and we were better able to achieve our goal of offering a greater product mix to our existing customers.

With the screen printing and this beta-transfer process, we could offer to very different imprints at very affordable prices. Our screen set ups were the lowest in the area, and we were able to offer screen printed shirts for a low cost as well. This really helped our shirt business pick up and enabled us to grow our business while better serving our customers. Tomorrows post will be about our screen printing process, why you should use it, and how it benefits you directly.

Our Shirt Imprinting Processes

We have three (that we use regularly):
  1. Screen Printing
  2. Embroidery
  3. Digital Imprinting
Throughout the rest of tshe week we will be comparing and contrasting the differences between them, when they should be used and what they are used for. As you will see the digital imprinting process is a really neat animal.

It is a machine that is relatively new to use and has done nothing but good things for us. The process uses a oversized, heavyweight printer to print directly onto the garment and a heat press is used to set the ink into the shirt, with the imprint adhering to the cotton. But more about that later.


Click here for RPI 2008:
Best Practice Standards
2008 Nomination Forms

Recognition Professionals International is the only association dedicated solely to the advancement of recognition in all work places. It is this association's desire that, through developing standards and implementing a site audit process, the Best Recognition Practice at work can be identified.

Management Teams have learned through experience strategic and consistent use of recognition, reward and praise throughout an organization is instrumental in reducing turnover, increasing productivity and creating a positive work environment. A paycheck is not reward enough for employees. When an employee feels they serve a purpose and are being noticed for doing a good job, they will embrace the organization’s mission, goals and values, work above their standards, take fewer sick days, and are willing to put forth the extra effort for the company. As an added bonus,
retaining good, loyal people elevates customer service and sales, and companies identified for their recognition practices attract a better recruiting pool. Compare Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” with “America’s Best Managed Companies” by Forbes magazine. Many of these are one in the same and their return on investment speaks for itself.

Reinforcing standards of excellence, Recognition Professionals International sponsors an annual review of nominees for “best practices” in seven strategic categories:

• Recognition Strategy
• Management Responsibility
• Recognition Program Measurement
• Communication Plan
• Recognition Training
• Recognition Events and Celebrations
• Program Change and Flexibility

When fully implemented together, the seven elements ensure a powerful and strategic recognition program for an organization. RPI Best Practice standards were developed based on exhaustive research, including findings from the American Productivity Center, knowledge from respected recognition practitioners, recognition literature, case studies, selection criteria for Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Companies, Working Mother Magazine’s 100 Most Family Friendly Companies, and the Baldridge Award for methodology.

Click here for more information & to order:
RPI BEST PRACTICE Award Recipients
Best Practice White Paper Order Form

Monday, October 22, 2007

Bux-Mont Awards

We have added a call now button to the main page of our website. As not to confuse anyone the way it works is this: You click the button and put in your phone number. When you put your phone number in and click the call button you are connected to a recognition expert.

The call will be recorded so that we may serve you properly and to assist us in training our sales people to properly meet your needs. This is just one more way to put you in contact with us.

Friday, October 19, 2007

New Website Design Tutorial

Having just revamped our website layout to more accurately reflect the robustness and high quality of our business, we decided that you may need to be familiarized as to what direction you go as our customer.

We do a lot of things at Bux-Mont Awards, and as such we decided that our website was not serving our customers needs. Realizing this we immediately began planning a new design and working towards doing what needs to be done in order to serve you, our customer, best. We decided that we would utilize technology available in the trophy segment of our market that enables our customers to utilize the same degree of choice they get when they come into our stores. Also we have a new promotional products search engine that our customers can use to more easily find solutions to their promotion needs.

Realizing that knowledge is power, we immediately started a blog in order to educate you on the pros of recognition, how to properly recognize achievements whether those achievements are in youth sports or the corporate world. We currently have two blogs, this one for general Bux-Mont Awards and recognition information and our promotional products blog that really highlights products and has some information articles that will help you keep your promotions in line with your marketing plan. We are looking forward to expanding our content in these blogs as we find more writers and also in creating new blogs with new content to help you make more informed decisions. These things are also easily accessed from our website.

Another addition to our site in the pipeline is the creation of our high school customers social networks that you can sign up on and create content for. These sites will be information repositories for the sports teams at these high schools. You can upload video highlights from games, create fan groups, add pictures, and have a forum to discuss the latest news in your area.

We look forward to bringing these things to you and are working hard on upgrades and changes to better serve you. If you have anything you would like to see or would like to hear more about a particular topic, please email me and let me know.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Soccer Specials- Part two

Additional specials including a 3.d medal with neck ribbon and imprint for a low low price. These are some great specials. Keep these in mind when planning your next tournament. The great thing about these awards is they are a high quality resin, in full color, at a low cost. If you are getting one team or one leagues worth you will find the solution here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fall Soccer Trophy Specials

These are some of the great specials we have going on right now in the fourth quarter with Soccer. Take advantage now through the end of the year to affordably recognize youth sports participation. These trophies enable your club to truly appreciate your childrens achievements and hard work during what can be a grueling soccer season.

These kids deserve recognition and praise for making it, and they want to be told they did a good job. They want the positive reinforcement. This will help them come back again next year, it will show them that their efforts don't go unrewarded, and it will engage them in the sport, teaching them lessons that they will take with them for life.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bux-Mont Awards Mission statement

Our mission is to provide Bucks, Montgomery and the surrounding counties with the highest quality recognition products. We serve the highest, long-term interests of our customers, our employees, our community, and our company.

We look to provide incentives to employees, children and all others so that they will strive for excellence in whatever they do.

We are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to help our community grow and its citizens to prosper. We will do this by striving for the highest level of:
  • Commitment to quality and on-time delivery
  • Creativity of product and design
  • Individualized customer service

New website layout

Please give us feedback on our new website design. It is a pretty drastic change from what it was, and we are hoping it was a step in the right direction, if only a small one. Some exciting features we would like to point out to you, in no particular order are the following; integration with our online awards store, awardsreward.com into our website awardsR.us. You can now travel back and forth from one to the other almost seamlessly.

A promotional products search section that enables you to purchase your promotional products online at any time. This has been in the works for sometime now and we are pleased with the way it turned out to be sure.

A learning section with links to our blogs. This will hopefully help drive traffic in both directions, to here and there. We are looking forward to continue to bring our audience useful information and products that can achieve their objectives of happy people through great recognition.

Things to come in the future:
Your schools pages; which will be a complete user generated web page that will enlist the help of school students, teachers and parents to create a truly personal site. Bux-Mont Awards will be contributing photos of the different awards we do for each school and we will be working to come up with new ways to engage the students to ensure that their time in school is productive and fruitful.

Featured promotional Product - imprinted Oval Magnetic Memo Clips

These unique oval magnetic memo clips have a dual purpose. If you are looking to portray your company as standing out from the crowd.

* NEW!
* Heavy-duty spring loaded hinge
* Magnet on back
* Black rubber grip Click here to customize this product now! Order Information:
  • ** 1 Day Service Available **
  • Absolute Miniumum is 150 pieces $50.00(G)
  • Individually poly-bagged
Imprint Information:
  • 2"W x 3/4"H

Absolute Minimum: 150 pieces: $50.00(G)

Addtl Color/Locations: $50.00(G) set-up plus .35(G) per piece run charge per color

Colors: Transparent: Blue, Green or Red

Set-Up Charge: $50.00(G), $25.00(G) on re-orders

1 DAY SERVICE (See General Info Page): Add 20% to 3 Day price

Regular Price:
STANDARD SERVICE 1.501.451.401.351.2510010 lbs.
3 DAY SERVICE 1.951.901.801.751.6510010 lbs.
* Prices in U.S. Currency

Economy Mousepad Closeout!

Mouse pads this inexpensive must be unreal right? Wrong. We are pleased to bring you a special that lives up to its name. 1.09/pc and at low minimums too, these economy mousepads ensure that you get your name in the right place at the right price. Take advantage now because these prices are sure to disappear!! Promotional products buyers act now to receive this special price.


Monday, October 8, 2007

New Football Lineman Awards

The Lineman
Two weekends ago a supplier of ours had an open house and we just got samples of some new products in that I wanted to share with you. The first one is a cast resin lineman statue. This statue will put an exciting spin on your football awards ceremonies. The football trophy comes in gold, silver, or bronze, and the price includes a plate. The price for this award is regularly 15.00 but if you reference this blog post in your order you can take 25% off this price and your inscribed plate is FREE!

#450 The Lineman: $15.00 ----> now $11.75
Imprinted Plate: FREE!

Another sample we have featured in our Harleysville Store is the Cancer Awareness Awards. This piece is a unique resin ribbon that can be painted a number of colors to recognize whichever cause the person receiving the award is a part of. The sample we have is pink, in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is truly the perfect award for a top fundraiser, the altruistic employee, or the retiring director of your foundation. Being new this year, you can be the first to recognize using the Awareness Ribbon Resin.

#984 Awareness Ribbon: $25.00
Imprinted Plate with Custom Logo: Free

Quakertown Cruisin' Alive Classic Car Show

Autumn Alive returned to Quakertown, Pennsylvania on October 6th and a new feature this year was the Cruisin' Alive Classic Car Show-- in association with the First Pennsylvania Mustang Club-- and a not-to-be-missed line-up of musical performers. Over 200 vehicles manufactured in 1982 or before will line Front and Broad Streets from Hellertown to Fourth Avenue. Ten People's Choice and Specialty Awards were presented to cars at the end of the show.

We had the honor of sponsoring the Bux-Mont Awards Sponsors Choice Award at the First Annual Quakertown Alive Car Show. The photo below is the winner. This 1960 BelAir was in pristine condition inside and out. Among the cars that were at the show, we thought this one deserved the trophy the most. The car looks like it hasn't been driven since 1960, I mean the thing was literally in immaculate shape.

The weather was gorgeous on Saturday, with early morning fog clearing, and many car enthusiasts took the opportunity to visit downtown Quakertown; enjoying a fun filled, warm October day. There were a variety of booths set up and all kinds of activities from free massage to face painting. The Quakertown Police Department was even there fingerprinting children as a safety precaution in case they were to ever get kidnapped. Rounding out the event were planned activities ranging from a local authors booksigning to an improv groups performance along Main St.

This event was one to be truly enjoyed by all, and it is just one of great events put on by the Quakertown Alive Organization. Quakertown Alive was founded in 1998 to create strong broad-based partnerships that provide the leadership and resources necessary for a successful revitalization effort in downtown Quakertown, PA, resulting in an enhanced quality of life for all in and around the Borough.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Benefits of Holiday Giving

When holiday time rolls around, showing appreciation to clients and the people on your team can prove to be a smart move for encouraging more business and productivity in the office. Give gifts of golf shirts, wovens, tees, fleece, or caps tastefully decorated with your logo, and you can increase the benefits to corporate identity programs. Consider these opinions of small business owners when asked about holiday gift giving:
  • Over 75% feel it helps improve their business
  • Over 55% believe it leads to increased sales
  • Over 70% consider it an important part of their marketing effort
  • Over 85% believe it improves employee morale

Benefits of Holiday Giving

When holiday time rolls around, showing appreciation to clients and the people on your team can prove to be a smart move for encouraging more business and productivity in the office. Give gifts of golf shirts, wovens, tees, fleece, or caps tastefully decorated with your logo, and you can increase the benefits to corporate identity programs. Consider these opinions of small business owners when asked about holiday gift giving:
  • Over 75% feel it helps improve their business
  • Over 55% believe it leads to increased sales
  • Over 70% consider it an important part of their marketing effort
  • Over 85% believe it improves employee morale

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Making them feel real

I am not the average person, so I do not know what the average person thinks. I do know, however, that I like being recognized, and I do not like being put down. Hey who does right. When you put people down it makes them feel detached from their objective. The relationship breaks down and progress can not be made. No good can come from constantly berating people.

Conversely, when you reward achievement you help your bottom line, while developing your human resources. Project management should dictate that you recognize milestones as you achieve them. When people know they are doing a good job, they strive to maintain that level of excellence.

If business is about maintaining relationships, and recognizing achievements is a way to keep these relationships in tact, we have the ability to make our lives easier through recognizing achievements. They do it in sports, it should be done in business.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Awareness ribbon recognition awards

New Product Spotlight:

Perfect way to thank that special fundraiser or the person who does the most for your organization. People want to be recognized for their achievements and there are more people volunteering their time for breast cancer awareness among other great causes. Show them you know they exist and they are doing a good job with these recognition ribbon awards.

7.5 x 6 x 4.5 Shown Finish: Multicolor Max. Plate Size: 1 x 4 Weight: 2.00 lbs.
Made in the USA. Price: 20.00 / pc. includes imprinting.