Friday, October 19, 2007

New Website Design Tutorial

Having just revamped our website layout to more accurately reflect the robustness and high quality of our business, we decided that you may need to be familiarized as to what direction you go as our customer.

We do a lot of things at Bux-Mont Awards, and as such we decided that our website was not serving our customers needs. Realizing this we immediately began planning a new design and working towards doing what needs to be done in order to serve you, our customer, best. We decided that we would utilize technology available in the trophy segment of our market that enables our customers to utilize the same degree of choice they get when they come into our stores. Also we have a new promotional products search engine that our customers can use to more easily find solutions to their promotion needs.

Realizing that knowledge is power, we immediately started a blog in order to educate you on the pros of recognition, how to properly recognize achievements whether those achievements are in youth sports or the corporate world. We currently have two blogs, this one for general Bux-Mont Awards and recognition information and our promotional products blog that really highlights products and has some information articles that will help you keep your promotions in line with your marketing plan. We are looking forward to expanding our content in these blogs as we find more writers and also in creating new blogs with new content to help you make more informed decisions. These things are also easily accessed from our website.

Another addition to our site in the pipeline is the creation of our high school customers social networks that you can sign up on and create content for. These sites will be information repositories for the sports teams at these high schools. You can upload video highlights from games, create fan groups, add pictures, and have a forum to discuss the latest news in your area.

We look forward to bringing these things to you and are working hard on upgrades and changes to better serve you. If you have anything you would like to see or would like to hear more about a particular topic, please email me and let me know.

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