Monday, October 15, 2007

New website layout

Please give us feedback on our new website design. It is a pretty drastic change from what it was, and we are hoping it was a step in the right direction, if only a small one. Some exciting features we would like to point out to you, in no particular order are the following; integration with our online awards store, into our website You can now travel back and forth from one to the other almost seamlessly.

A promotional products search section that enables you to purchase your promotional products online at any time. This has been in the works for sometime now and we are pleased with the way it turned out to be sure.

A learning section with links to our blogs. This will hopefully help drive traffic in both directions, to here and there. We are looking forward to continue to bring our audience useful information and products that can achieve their objectives of happy people through great recognition.

Things to come in the future:
Your schools pages; which will be a complete user generated web page that will enlist the help of school students, teachers and parents to create a truly personal site. Bux-Mont Awards will be contributing photos of the different awards we do for each school and we will be working to come up with new ways to engage the students to ensure that their time in school is productive and fruitful.

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