Sunday, February 3, 2008

My favorite big football game commercials

The Superbowl has come and gone, but the commercials will be around for the whole year! And what luck we have that such a great football game could be played and watched by so many.

Another pleasant (few) moments was during the breaks, which I think the quality of the commercials increased from previous years. Some were disspointed that no monkeys were sighted, but I for one was quite pleased. What follows are some of this awards specialists favorites.
Fed Ex-Carrier Pigeons

Dueling Parade Balloons.

It was a real nail biter this year complete with everything. Great defense, an upset at the end. Fumbles, quarterback sacks, a couple touchdowns and even some field goals. The Patriots may not have completed the best season in the history of professional football but they gave it a darn good run.

The Vince Lombardi Trophy was given and well deserved. We had a quarterback come of age and a future hall of famer give his all and just come up short. It was a pleasant surprise to see these two teams play a game for the ages as they did and made it a little easier to watch since my Philadelphia Eagles weren't in the game.

This year is looking good for the New England area even though the Patriots lost, Tom Brady and company still had a great year, and the Celtics are really playing some great basketball.

My Philly teams at least have the flyers, doing fairly respectable again, and the Phillies have upgraded since last years division win and the ensueing playoff birth, but we have nowhere near the rings to show for it. I just want the first one, then the other championship trophies will come. I want to taste it first though!

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