Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stand Behind Your Team!

Personalize these items today. The freeport sports bottle at a great price. The minihorn noisemaker looks great in your school colors with the team logo on it.

For those hot days the turbo mini fan and flashlight is a great incentive for fundriasing efforts.

Also available is soft stress relievers. These are a great inexpensive give away.

Get in the Game Sports Promotions

The perfect promotional items for sports fundraisers, promotional items, and giveaways. Your logo looks great on any of these items.

Get in the game promotions include a noisemaker, stadium cushion, can insulator and sports bottle. Inquire now for special pricing.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Planning Commission Survey Results

The Upper Perkiomen Valley Regional Planning Commission conducted a survey on Recreational Opinions. Three focus points emerged:
  1. Support for more Recreational Facilities
  2. Preserve Natural Areas
  3. Increase locations for outdoor concerts
Anyone interested in adding their opinions do so in the comments. Anyone interested in helping email me here

Dan Bencsik, sales team member at Bux-Mont Awards, is here to spread the idea that properly recognizing achievements is the key to economic success and builds healthy lives.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

PERK UP Strategies for the Future of the Valley

The PERK UP steering committee of the Upper Perkiomen Chamber of Commerce has outlined the needs and priorities for the greater Upper Perkiomen Valley region.

The Eight Aspects of the Community follow:
  1. Strengthen Small Town Environment
  2. Value Open Space
  3. Community Pride Civic Involvement
  4. Market Community Assets
  5. Low Impact Business
  6. Planned Growth
  7. Community Cutural Recreational Events
  8. Inter Municipal Interaction

Friday, November 21, 2008

Engraving Services

The business first started as Bux-Mont Awards & Engraving Services and not a lot has changed in the 16+ years we have been in operation.  We added some recognition services here, apparel and promotional products there, but everything is under the recognition umbrella.  

We are a recognition company first and foremost.  We are dedicated to the principles of properly recognizing achievements and what goals do
ing so accomplishes.  We firmly believe that pe
ople thrive in an environment that includes recognition of achievement.  We also believe in the power of corporate apparel as aiding in brand recongition.  We recognize those who have come before us and deserve memorialization.  This is what makes up the Awards and engraving services in our name.  We do all this for you.  We can help many people in many ways, a lot like the engravers who came before us were to their villages and towns.   

In these times it is of greater importance to utilize recognition of some form on a daily basis.  Simple thankyous are sufficient and effective.  Formal recognition works well also.  We can always help, and it's always free to talk.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

This mornings meeting

I had the opportunity this morning to attend my first event as an Upper Perk Chamber of Commerce member and it was exciting! The event was a well attending breakfast at the Upper Perkiomen School District Building. A very nice building with a great conference area. After networking we enjoyed the sounds of the Upper Perk Uptones then it was on to awesome omelets, prepared by the Culinary Students at the Western Center for Technical Studies.

After breakfast was finished we heard from the presenting sponsors Sandi Syglowski of The Family Resource Network. She talked about some of the programs they put on as well as the 40 developmental assets they stress.

There was a good time had by all, and it was nice to be able to meet and converse with new people. I am looking forward to the attending the train ride, as well as picking up a Christmas Tree at Ringing Dale Christmas Tree Farm this year. The chamber reminds us to always shop & support local businesses, especially in these trying times.

Dan is a member of the team at Bux-Mont Awards, and a new member of the Upper Perkiomen Chamber of Commerce.

Is everyone ready for the Holidays? They are rapidly approaching!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I still can't believe it

2008 World Champions of Major League Baseball
Simply amazing.

Give your customers that warm feeling

File this one under creative marketing plan ideas: winter 08
Embroidered Fleece blankets are a great way to instill that warm feeling in your customers this winter season.

There are many opportunities to utilize fleece blankets in your marketing this winter season. Especially with the current economic climate.

Possible Taglines include:
Financial Industry: Current economic climate chilling? We'll bring back that warm feeling.

Senior Gifts: High School gave me the Warm Fuzzies Seniors '08

Insurance Industry: (given for referals): You give me that warm feeling: Thanks for the referral.

Health Care: Keep warm this winter; avoid the flu

These taglines, with your logo incorporated, can be a very powerful way to build your brand.

contact for quantity and pricing information. Contact me now, these may be on sale!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

2008 Courtney Isabella Memorial Scholarship Award

2008 Winners:
2008 Courtney Isabella Memorial Scholarship Winners

First- Brooke Finkbeiner
Second- Tyler Silfies
Third - Madalyn Slook

Prizes (1st: $2500, 2nd: $1000, 3rd:$500 Scholarship)

Award Rules:
The Courtney Isabella Memorial Scholarship Fund will again award $4000 in college scholarships to three Keystone drivers.  In order to be eligible for the award each candidate must:
  1. Exhibit good sportsmanship through the Fall 2008 Keystone racing season
  2. Participate in at least 7 of the fall Keystone races.  This could be either AA or NDR races or any comdination of AA and NDR races.  Only double elimination races will count towards this participation.
  3. Submit an essay of at least 500 words on the following topic: "Sportsmanship: More than just playing fair"
  4. Complete the application form and submit with the essay.

Bux-Mont Awards congratulates you on your hard work and accomplishments!

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Because of the amount of hoopla surrounding the pink month of october, not that many people know that November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. We recongize achievements and as such we would like to recognize those who help battle this silent killer. Bux-Mont Awards is willing to give our customers a free gift and donate 2% of profits from orders taken when you mention that you want to support Pancreatic Cancer Awareness.

Pancreatic Cancer kills about 35000 individuals each year and should not be taken lightly. Most people diagnosed with this cancer have their lives taken by it.

So when you are giving Thanks and filling up on the turkey, or out shopping on Black Friday; when you are recognizing alzheimers awareness month or doing something to fight national youth homeless, please take time to think about those in your life that are close to you and help us raise awareness for pancreatic cancer. Thank you.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November means...

I know, I know, I don't want to think about the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday let alone Christmas. With these tumultuous times we are dealing with and the massive amount of change being undertaken, let's show this world that we can let the Phillies pick us up.

Please visit our Sellersville store to see the World Champion Phillies Ornaments on display and for sale. These commemorative ornaments include pictures taken at the Game 5 World Series Clincher against the Ray and those Phillies.

There is no better tree ornament this holiday season.