Sunday, January 18, 2009

2009 and beyond, serving the people who support us

Bux-Mont Awards wouldn't be here with out you. You are the ones who know and understand the benefits of effective recognition. You are the major proponent of the values we espouse. The key component in these underlying conditions neccessary to enable us to do what we do. Without you we would be just another lost business not sure of its way. We need you. We are here for you.

To that end we regret to inform you of the recent need that arose to better enable us to serve you. Due to a rent increase of 30% at the beginning of the 2009 we have been forced to vacate our Harleysville store and continue operations out of our existing Sellersville store.

We are still selling awards, and in fact we are still selling trophies, plaques and all of our recognition products. The only difference is that there will be one less location to visit to see how many different ways we can meet your recognition needs.

Please keep in mind that Sellersville is very close to Harleysville and is a 15 minute drive from most of our customers. This does not mean that we are unable to meet your needs and in fact this is exactly the opposite. While we are unable to meet the increased cost of operating out of our Harleysville store, we expect to continue to serve our Harleysville customers with the same personal service we give all of our customers.

We will still sell the same trophies, awards and plaques. We will still have all the same corporate gifts and apparel. We will continue to offer all the same processes and continue to add product lines where we see fit to continue to best serve our customers.

While we are unable to afford the increase in rent cost, we are still going to be looking for another place to operate around the Harleysville, Skippack, or Upper Montgomery County area. We are going to continue to develop a website that meets the needs of our customers who can't visit our store, and we are going to continue to add products to our website to keep in line with the mission of our company.

We can't do this without you and we are very appreciative that you can help us help you. We have been here almost 20 years and hope to be here many more to come. With your help we will! Thank you.

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