Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Harleysville Move continued

While we have been forced to continue operations out of our Sellersville location due to a rent increase in Harleysville that has forced us to move, we are optimistic for this upcoming year.

We have set our goals and are looking for ways to meet our mission, help you meet your goals, teach more people what proper recongition means, and in turn make this world a little better place in 2009. We are hopeful that President Obama can reestablish our nations role in the world and do the things that need to be done to get our economy back up and running on the path toward positive growth again.

It is much business as usual here. We are trying to continue to help you meet your recognition needs. Because of the increased in the number of people using Bux-Mont Awards to recognize their businesses and organizations achievements, we have run into a space issue. The issue is that we have run out of it. We are effectively running at full capacity in our current product space. Now we know that these are good problems. However if we are going to continue to help an ever growing customer base meet their recognition needs, a change is going to be made.

This change is coming in a way that you may or may not notice. There is space in Sellersville currently being renovated for us to move our production facilities into. There is also going to be another showroom where we are going to be featuring our personalized gifts, engravables, and higher end corporate recognition and imprinted apparel. It's going to be like a Things Remembered, except more affordable, higher quality, better service and with more of a selection.

The best part of this is we are going to keep our trophy showroom where it is so that everyone used to going to 201 N Main St. for their trophy and awards needs are going to be able to continue to do so.

While we did not want to move out of our Harleysville store, an increase in production space would have proven to great a cost to undertake and continue operation of both stores in Sellersville and Harlyesville. We believe that this increase in production facilities will enable us to better help all of our customers, and better position us for future growth! Any questions or comments? Leave them in the comments below!

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