Thursday, November 4, 2010

Soccer Season

You know soccer season is in full swing when the materials start arriving by the truckload at Bux-Mont Awards.  The month of November has brought a good amount of activity, and I like to think our industry is a leading indicator of economic activity!

While we have had to adjust to the unfortunate loss of one of the part time people here, who took a job in her field of study.  We are happy to say she found employment at a bakery in Doylestown and seems to be doing quite well.  This has led to a shortage of production labor which isn't being felt one bit thanks to the hard work and additional hours put in by Brian, our other part time employee.  Brian, Debbie, and Dan along with the owner Greg Bencsik comprise the entire Bux-Mont Awards team.  We work together to ensure that the area has access to a number of quality recognition products in one location.

That said we are also getting ready for the holidays, with a recent shipment of glassware coming in that we will be highlighting in future holiday posts.  Stay tuned!

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