Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Enjoying the Summer Heat

Well here it is July already and while we have had slow periods the first half of this year sure seemed to fly by quick!
While last year ended with a bang due to the acquisition of another trophy shop, this year to date has marked some historic projects in Bux-Mont Awards short history as well.
We finished up our part in a awe inspiring Marines monument which is being dedicated this month, and we are right in the middle of our biggest trophy job to date, the Oaklane grands.  This national quarter midget race is so big that we had to rent a factory to produce the job.  Some statistics will follow in a future post.
There are 350 trophies ranging in size from six to four feet.
We are happy to have this opportunity as the people at Oaklane have been extremely good to us as a customer for over ten years now.
If you are in the area at the end of July you should definitely stop by to see a race!

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