Thursday, October 27, 2011

Calendar of Events - Planning for promotions

Its time (already!) to be looking into your end of year promotions; maybe even your first quarter promtions.  Now is when you should assess how your year went in terms of your marketing plan.  Is your marketing plan working for you?  Do you need to change something?  Let's get it taken care of so Bux-Mont Awards can help you start 2012 off your way!  Set your goals, meet and exceed them!

If you have some extra money allocated for marketing in your November and December budget, please contact me @ 215.855.5052 or leave a comment and I will help you.  Whether you need help on choosing the right imprinted promotional product for your business, or need help going over your marketing plan, we can certainly help you.

Now onto the upcoming events.  Here they are in the order they occur.  Also included in this list are ideas for uses of promotional products in conjunction with these events that will help your company increase its brand awareness.  Creating an association with your company and an event is one way to help stay at the forefront of your customers memory, and promotional products are a great way to make that happen!

Upcoming Events

  • November 2011 - National Healthy Skin Month, Good Nutrition Month
    • 11 Veteran's Day
      • American flags - no logos needed on these promotions.  Displaying proper respect for those who fought for our freedoms is a great way to promote your business!
    • 15 America Recycles Day
      • Recycled / Green promotions
    • 17 Great American Smoke Out
    • 24 Thanksgiving
  • December 2011 
    • 1 World AIDS day
    • 4-10 National Hand Washing Awareness Week
      • imprinted hand sanitizer
    • 20 Hanukkah Begins
    • 21 First Day of Winter
      • an imprinted scarf or fleece hat keeps your logo on top of the mind
    • 25 Christmas
      • imprinted toys / or gift items are a great way to thank your existing customers.
    • 26 Kwanzaa begins
    • 31 New Years Eve
  • January 2012 - National Get Organized Month, National Financial Wellness Month
             Great giveaways for the entire month include organizations tools & financial literacy promotions
    • 1 New Years Day
    • 1-7 Diet resolution week
    • 16 Martin Luther King Day
    • 23 National Handwriting Day
      • Imprinted Pens & Pencils
If you need help brainstorming ideas, please give me an email or a call or leave your ideas to the comments!