Monday, June 25, 2007

Pennridge Community Day Names Citizen of The Year

Perkasie PA, The Pennridge Community Day Board has chosen Greg Bencsik, owner of Bux-Mont Awards and Engraving, with it's annual Citizen Of The Year Award. The Award will be presented at the Community Day Events taking place at the Sellersville Veterans Monument Sunday July 8th at noon. Bencsik just completed his 15th year at the helm of Bux-Mont Awards, a company he founded out of his basement. This award epitomizes the committment and dedication to the community in which he lives and does business. Bencsik has mentored many young aspiring businessmen in the community including one of Highway Marines top salesman Brad Anderson, Tyndale Manager Christopher Fuller, and his son Daniel. Teaching those around him to think outside of the box, to serve the community, and to always do the right thing are three of the values Greg is sure to instill in those who learn from him. Whether it is making a sacrifice for his buisness, family, friends, or the community, Greg Bencsik continues to do what it takes to make a difference in our towns, helping do what it takes to help our area grow and prosper.

The Pennridge Community Day is in it's 35th year and is a celebration of the great Upper Bucks County Pennridge Community and their residents. A fun filled day of events and fun for people of all ages capped by a spectacular fireworks show at dusk, Community day offers something for everyone whether its the dunk tank, canoe races, or the fireworks at night, you are sure to have a blast. The town and it's residents really take pride in offering a great event that everyone can enjoy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What it's about

There are times that take away your breath and make you feel proud to know a particular person or to be associated with an organization because of the things they do or say to further that organizations cause. This world is filled with many selfless people who do things that often go unrecognized. And since it is our job to recognize achievements, I figured it was only right to bring this cause to your attention. Steve Kendra is the head of The Childrens Tumor Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) medical foundation, dedicated to improving the health and well being of individuals and families affected by the neurofibromatoses (NF).

Steve is dedicated to this cause because he has seen the debilitating effects of the disease firsthand. Steve is so dedicated that he and a group of his friends is participating in the Race Across America, a hard core endurance bicycle race across America to raise awareness and funds to go towards research for the Childrens Tumor Foundation. He is a truly spectacular man and it chokes me up to think about the loyalty and dedication that is innate in some people in this world. It's not every day you get to meet someone like Steve, and it is an honor to not only know him, but to provide him with the recognition products he gives out to donors and fundraisers in recognition of their achievements. It brings me to most pleasure, however, to know Steve as a person, and to be a witness to the great things that can be achieved when people have a passion for what they do. It is one of the many great things about being in this business, is seeing people like Steve, and what a person with his passion can achieve. Check out his blog on the Race Across America here. It is really a remarkable read.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lederach Golf Course

There are certain aspects of being in the Montgomery county that remind me of my home in Bucks County, and one of those is the beautiful golf courses and the abundance of them. Lederach Golf Course is one of them. A beautiful place to play and a pristine course that is well managed. Challenging but fun.

Its my understanding that the course is owned by Lower Salford Township, and how lucky they must be to own such a beautiful piece of property. We were supposed to have a golf course built in my hometown of East Rockhill Bucks County, but it never materialized. Maybe one day, and if so I hope it's as nice and well run as the Lederach Golf Course. A gem for the county indeed.

They have a tournament coming up in September, and if you get a hole in one then you get bragging rights and your name on a plaque in the club house. Great course, great golf!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Our towns, our teams.

If you are anything like me, and I know in this area that there are thousands of us, you are an avid follower of professional sports and our Philadelphia teams. You are also well aware of the heartache we as Philadelphia sports fans have had to endure in recent years, and some of your kids are growing up not knowing what it's like to get Playoff Fever or know what it's like even going to the finals.

This is really unfortunate, especially because we are such a passionate bunch and want nothing more than a winner in this town. We are an area full of winners, rich traditions, and also great heartache. Being in the awards and recognition business, knowing what goes into championships, and the sacrifice and blood sweat and tears involved, I know it's not as easy as it looks to build a winner. It often seems, though, that things never work out even remotely close to as planned, as evidence with the Freddy Garcia debacle that is currently surrounding the Philadelphia Phillies as he goes for his "2nd Opinion." Lets hope it turns out better than the first one.

If it doesn't though, it is nice to see some pleasant surprises every once and again, and I mean come on they are so few and far between in our pro sports that I am not sure any of us can recognize it when they come. There have been a few in this young Phillies season and it shouldn't go unnoticed, because they could help us finally reach those just out of reach playoffs that we so yearn for before Eagles spring training starts. Two names; Bronco Zagurski and Kyle Kendrick have turned out to be the two pleasant surprises. Zagurski being called up when Myers went on the DL, (one of those low points we are so accustomed to) and Kyle Kendrick, a call up for Garcia. Both had exempliary starts to their Major League careers, and both hope to make an impression on their parent clubs. Myers will be back soon, as will former closer Tom Gordon. Hopefully Myers can move back into the rotation at some point in the near future and maybe Gordon can return to some form of what he used to be, but at least we have something to look forward to in the coming years, as these young guys start to mature and make their way into the bigs for good. I like what I see so far, and hopefully they can continue to impress. Now if only we can keep from trading away all our talent for aging stars...


an article written for Harleysville Soccer Clubs newsletter, by club president Chris Ryan. Quite articulate and well put!

I understand why people don’t volunteer. It’s easy to do, there’s no sign-up required and you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself doing something wrong. Not that long ago, I felt the same way you probably do now (heck, I still find it hard to volunteer for some things, like painting one of the rooms in our house.) I remember being at soccer signups five years ago when the man behind the table asked me if I’d like to coach my son’s team. I thought, “What, are you kidding, me coach? I haven’t played since high school. I wasn’t even that good.” But it only took the plaintive plea from my then six year old son, “Please Dad, you’d be great” to get me to even consider the idea. Hesitantly, I printed my name on the volunteer portion of the registration form. My last thought was, “Great, now how do I get out of this?” Nothing fills one’s heart with dread like being in a bad situation of one’s own creation. I felt like William Tell’s son at the time, only imagining the apple was the size of an acorn and that William had jittery hands. I kept on thinking, “How do I get out of this?” Fast forward to today. Now, I’m not that brightest bulb in the chandelier (definitely not just my own opinion), but somehow I
survived the experience. Actually, I’ve enjoyed it a lot. I’ll admit that I’m no Vince Lombardi when it comes to coaching (see, I couldn’t even think of a soccer coach to use here), but with the help and training I’ve received from many of the men and women in this Club, I’ve learned a lot and feel very comfortable being a coach. I really enjoy it and think I make a difference with the
kids I teach. What I’ve ultimately found is that the only qualifications I really needed to get started in this were enthusiasm, a receptive mind and patience – qualities that have helped us all become great parents! My story aside, I’m hoping you can make that “leap of faith” and volunteer to help us. There are so many different ways each of us moms and dads can help, from coaching, setting up fields or helping with Soccer Day and more. And it doesn’t mean giving up
your summer plans or embarrassing yourself in front of kids and neighbors (though you’re welcome to do that if you really want to!) Because we don’t strong-arm our parents for service to the Club, this obviously leaves our program with personnel gaps each year. We never liked the idea of making service mandatory because we find that the people who truly volunteer feel better about themselves for their contributions and that they’re the ones we can ultimately rely on to make our Club better and our kids’ experiences brighter. We think you can and should be one of them. Take that leap of faith and help us and the kids have a great season!
Chris Ryan
Director, Intramural/Rec Program

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Learning about the Harleysville Community

So we are continuing to settle into our new digs over at the second store. Slowly, more samples are arriving, more and more customers are starting to trickle in, and we are starting to become a part of the community; all important factors in opening our second store. We are even learning new things, as if that never happens.

For example, in the course of reading up on the area and its thriving community in hopes of learning more about the people who use our products, I stumbled upon a neat, well written newsletter and learned quite a bit about our local soccer organization, Harleysville Soccer. The club, run by all volunteers, fields 110 intramural teams a year in addition to its travel and TOPS programs, and they also run a soccer day to showcase the skills of the players in the organization. The soccer day has become so popular it has grown to two days this year.

Amazing considering it is all done with volunteer support. These people devote countless hours to all kinds of tasks that most of us would probably not want to do, my hats off to them. Over where our first store is located in Sellersville Upper Bucks County, they are fortunate to have a few very well run organizations not just in soccer, but in all facets of youth sports. They are very fortunate also. I am looking forward to learning about the organizations around here, and to meet the great people that help make these organizations what they are.