Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Learning about the Harleysville Community

So we are continuing to settle into our new digs over at the second store. Slowly, more samples are arriving, more and more customers are starting to trickle in, and we are starting to become a part of the community; all important factors in opening our second store. We are even learning new things, as if that never happens.

For example, in the course of reading up on the area and its thriving community in hopes of learning more about the people who use our products, I stumbled upon a neat, well written newsletter and learned quite a bit about our local soccer organization, Harleysville Soccer. The club, run by all volunteers, fields 110 intramural teams a year in addition to its travel and TOPS programs, and they also run a soccer day to showcase the skills of the players in the organization. The soccer day has become so popular it has grown to two days this year.

Amazing considering it is all done with volunteer support. These people devote countless hours to all kinds of tasks that most of us would probably not want to do, my hats off to them. Over where our first store is located in Sellersville Upper Bucks County, they are fortunate to have a few very well run organizations not just in soccer, but in all facets of youth sports. They are very fortunate also. I am looking forward to learning about the organizations around here, and to meet the great people that help make these organizations what they are.

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