Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lederach Golf Course

There are certain aspects of being in the Montgomery county that remind me of my home in Bucks County, and one of those is the beautiful golf courses and the abundance of them. Lederach Golf Course is one of them. A beautiful place to play and a pristine course that is well managed. Challenging but fun.

Its my understanding that the course is owned by Lower Salford Township, and how lucky they must be to own such a beautiful piece of property. We were supposed to have a golf course built in my hometown of East Rockhill Bucks County, but it never materialized. Maybe one day, and if so I hope it's as nice and well run as the Lederach Golf Course. A gem for the county indeed.

They have a tournament coming up in September, and if you get a hole in one then you get bragging rights and your name on a plaque in the club house. Great course, great golf!

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