Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What it's about

There are times that take away your breath and make you feel proud to know a particular person or to be associated with an organization because of the things they do or say to further that organizations cause. This world is filled with many selfless people who do things that often go unrecognized. And since it is our job to recognize achievements, I figured it was only right to bring this cause to your attention. Steve Kendra is the head of The Childrens Tumor Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) medical foundation, dedicated to improving the health and well being of individuals and families affected by the neurofibromatoses (NF).

Steve is dedicated to this cause because he has seen the debilitating effects of the disease firsthand. Steve is so dedicated that he and a group of his friends is participating in the Race Across America, a hard core endurance bicycle race across America to raise awareness and funds to go towards research for the Childrens Tumor Foundation. He is a truly spectacular man and it chokes me up to think about the loyalty and dedication that is innate in some people in this world. It's not every day you get to meet someone like Steve, and it is an honor to not only know him, but to provide him with the recognition products he gives out to donors and fundraisers in recognition of their achievements. It brings me to most pleasure, however, to know Steve as a person, and to be a witness to the great things that can be achieved when people have a passion for what they do. It is one of the many great things about being in this business, is seeing people like Steve, and what a person with his passion can achieve. Check out his blog on the Race Across America here. It is really a remarkable read.

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