Friday, September 7, 2007

Interesting Awards & Recognition Statistics

Statistics cited from a 2002 NAER Survey show some interesting things about recognition and the businesses that utilize recognition programs in their organizations. Far and away the most interesting stat that popped out right away was that 84% of businesses reported having an active employee recognition program. Additionally, even as the economy cools, recognition programs seem to be gaining in popularity with 41% of respondents indicating they are doing more with their recognition programs then they were 12 months ago.

Of the people without a recognition program, over half said they are looking into starting one within the next 12 months. Another interesting stat include the reasons for having a recognition program. Tops on this list is creating a positive work environment, but other reasons include reinforcing desired behaviors, motivating high performance, increasing morale and supporting organizational values.

The key is not just implementing a recognition program to achieve your goals, rather doing so successfully. This is the tough part. You actually have to care about your employees before the non monetary rewards start to work. And believe me, non monetary rewards really do motivate employee performance.

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