Saturday, September 8, 2007

Univest Grand Prix

The Univest Grand Prix is being held today. We are happy to say the awards they got were provided by us. This is the first race that we got to be a part of, and it really is an amazing show. I am watching the webstream provided by wfmz69, and I hear that is going to be streaming the end of the race.

There are over 22 reacing teams and 200 riders in this 107 mile race. The announcers do a great job and they really make it easy to understand and follow the sport of cycling.

And then we get to watch tomorrows show in Doylestown as well! They talk about dynamics and I have seen a couple crashes, and they just went through Green Lane Park past the Scottish Irish Festival. A really neat way to be a part of the community. And they do it mostly with volunteers. Amazing, and the video is really spectacular.

Much thanks to Univest and all the sponsors for providing such a great community event that we can all be proud of.

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