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Recognition Professionals International is the only association dedicated solely to the advancement of recognition in all work places. It is this association's desire that, through developing standards and implementing a site audit process, the Best Recognition Practice at work can be identified.

Management Teams have learned through experience strategic and consistent use of recognition, reward and praise throughout an organization is instrumental in reducing turnover, increasing productivity and creating a positive work environment. A paycheck is not reward enough for employees. When an employee feels they serve a purpose and are being noticed for doing a good job, they will embrace the organization’s mission, goals and values, work above their standards, take fewer sick days, and are willing to put forth the extra effort for the company. As an added bonus,
retaining good, loyal people elevates customer service and sales, and companies identified for their recognition practices attract a better recruiting pool. Compare Fortune magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” with “America’s Best Managed Companies” by Forbes magazine. Many of these are one in the same and their return on investment speaks for itself.

Reinforcing standards of excellence, Recognition Professionals International sponsors an annual review of nominees for “best practices” in seven strategic categories:

• Recognition Strategy
• Management Responsibility
• Recognition Program Measurement
• Communication Plan
• Recognition Training
• Recognition Events and Celebrations
• Program Change and Flexibility

When fully implemented together, the seven elements ensure a powerful and strategic recognition program for an organization. RPI Best Practice standards were developed based on exhaustive research, including findings from the American Productivity Center, knowledge from respected recognition practitioners, recognition literature, case studies, selection criteria for Fortune magazine’s 100 Best Companies, Working Mother Magazine’s 100 Most Family Friendly Companies, and the Baldridge Award for methodology.

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