Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Recognizing Acheivement to Build a Better Event

This is a fact. Recognizing achievement helps make your event complete, engages your participants in a new way, and leads to greater participation in future events. The reasons for this are complex but it boils down to our needs to be recognized for what we do. The greater the recognition of the event the greater the urge to participate and to succeed. This is true in businesses, in sports, and in life in general.

Think about it, people who are passionate about acting tend to become actors. They have the drive to succeed. They see the recognition other stars get and that propels them to strive to perfection in order to gain entrance onto that stage.

The same is true of successful sales people, who are usually looking for monetary compensation. Recognizing their achievements other, non monetary ways, often times will cause a greater bond to build between a company and its sales force. Which company would you want to sell for, company A who only gives a monetary performance based bonus, or company B, who gives the same bonus amount, but also gives out sales awards at a company conference each year? Which sales force do you think sells more?

This is also evident in youth sports, education, and many other aspects of life. Kids watch sports on TV and see the ultimate trophy being won by their favorite player, and they strive to be that player. We have all pretended to be that person in our back yard, Tiger Woods at TPC putting for the win, or pitching the final out in game seven of the World Series, or scoring a touchdown in the final seconds of the Super Bowl.

It is ingrained in us, this drive to succeed, to achieve, but the whole thing hinges on the recognition. The more you get recognized the more you want to and believe you can achieve.

We are here to help you navigate the waters of successful recognition practices. It is not a one size fits all approach. It is dependent upon many things including your industry, your event type, and your goals. There is something for everyone, the problem is finding someone who can help solve your problems. This is the niche we look to fill. In recognition and engraving services.

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