Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Imprinted T-Shirt Specials Make Great Chrismas Gifts

If you want a really neat unique gift for that special someone this holiday season, then make it yourself! But seriously we can help you make it yourself if you have an idea of what you want.

Here is the concept. Click the google checkout image below. This will take you to the screen to purchase a white shirt, with whatever size you need. Find an image you want and email me the image at shirts@buxmontawards.com. Your shirt gets shipped to your door with the imprint you emailed me. Full color. 16.50. Free shipping. Imprinted shirts that are custom and have your own personalized imprint on it.

You could even start your own apparel line if you want to. Let us do the hard work for you, while you concentrate on doing what you like to do.

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