Sunday, January 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

I would like to take this time to wish my father, the owner of Bux-Mont Awards, a very happy birthday. He is 55 years young today and though he maybe starting to show his age slightly still acts as young as the day I met him 26 years ago. (sorry dad, just joshin, don't be mad)

He is a well accomplished man and one that I look up to in oh so many ways. The reigning Sellersville citizen of the year started Bux-Mont Awards out his basement with little more than an idea and turned it into a successful business 16 years later with two thriving locations and a growing web presence that helps his customers succeed in properly recognizing achievements.

I can only hope to accomplish as much in my life as my dad did in his first 30 years on this planet, and he one of the few genuinely honest, caring, and sincere people I have had the joy of sharing this life with, and on top of that I get to have him as my dad.

So I hope that he had a happy birthday, and I hope that everyone who has not had the chance to talk or meet with him will have the opportunity to do so sometime in the near future. He is great to talk to, and will welcome conversation with anyone. From his Bux-Mont Awards family, Happy Birthday!!

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