Thursday, January 24, 2008


I cannot believe the week got away from me like it did. I am still going to post all that great stuff, just not right yet! Sorry everyone.

I would, in the meantime, like to tell you about an upcoming update to our website.

We have this special process available to us, a digital imprinting process, that we utilize in our plaques and other awards to bring our customers a unique option for their awards and recognition products.

This digital imprinting allows us to provide you, our customers, with full color imprinting on your awards at less of a cost than engraving. It doesn't look as high class, which is bad, but it does portray your brand colors, which is good.

I will be working hard to put these award samples and pricing online in short time. Hopefully tomorrow, but there is a chance that I may get busy and not be able to get it done by tomorrow, rest assured it is coming soon.

The problem I have when trying to put these awards online is I do not have a shopping cart set up so it's hard to order online, though if you are interested in these plaques we recommend you order through email, over the phone, or in person because there is a lot of information we need to get off of you.

Our goal is to make it easy on your to order and we want to make information flow freely to you to accomplish our goal and giving you the best awards at the lowest cost. More to come so keep your eye out!

Dan Bencsik, Bux-Mont Awards

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