Monday, September 29, 2008

Bux-Mont Awards wins Business Achievement Award

The family here at Bux-Mont Awards was proud to not only attend the annual Pennridge Chamber of Commerce Autumn Gala this past Saturday, September the 27, but also to be able to see our Team Leader, owner Greg Bencsik receive this years Business Achievement Award.

We have made these awards for the last 10 plus years and have had the opportunity to produce with honor and great care the prestigious awards that some amazing individuals and businesses have recieved. Greg accepted the award with great pride knowing that his name was put in the records with the other previous winners.

Greg has led Bux-Mont Awards to double digit revenue growth that is as much an indication of the great care and responsibility that goes into making the numerious awards for those in the Bucks and Montgomery Counties as it is vindication for the amount of hard work and great care taken in responding to his many customers needs.

Bencsik has single handedly taken this company from a home based start up to what it is today; a robust recognition business with two locations that not only focuses on corporate recognition and awards, but also promotional recognition, signage and badges, donor recognition and team apparel. Who knew recognition was associated with so many different needs of a vast number of companies and organizations. Greg led the team here to double digit revenue growth in 4 of the previous 5 years, with only the expansion into the Montgomery County providing a break from this growth.

This revenue growth is not whats important to us and not why we won the award; this Award was won because, through enabling our customers to better recognize achievements, we are helping our community grow and thrive. Recognition of achievements is important, so important to the people who receive it that it is a driver of economic development. We help our customers recognize achievements effectively because it is important to us.

Whether it's helping your kids stay involved in youth sports, helping your staff feel appreciated, or saying thank you to your teachers retiring, we like to help you do it better. Our staff knows how to effectively give recognition in these ways and more, and we like to help you do it better. We don't just make recognition products, we make recognition products better. Greg deserved this years Business Achievement Award not for where we have been, but for where we help you go.

*update: links to photo album here. We are going to be adding to this album as more pictures become available. Check back soon!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Recognition Education to better serve you

desktop pen and clock set personalized by Bux-Mont AwardsWe at Bux-Mont Awards are continually updating our skills so that we may better serve our customers. It is in this vain that we have enrolled in a Webinar on Building a Recognition Culture that will take plate Thursday September 18 from 2:30 - 3:30.

Enjoying doing what it takes to disseminate the best recognition practices, we take our job seriously and we think we do a pretty darn good job.

crystal award from Bux-Mont Awards
If any of you would like to attend follow the link to sign up. I will be posting a follow up from the seminar on our blog after the show, so you can look forward to getting some ideas.
The 2008 Paralympic Games are underway in Beijing, China. A list of the sports and a background of the games is available here. This year there will be an unprecedented amount of coverage thanks to There will be webcasts of full games on the website while they will have a daily recap show on their HD television channel. has some photos from the games. There is a little more notoriety surrounding Oscar Pistorius a single leg amputee who made a run at the Olympic games in track. There was a lot of discussion whether he should be permitted to compete in the Olympic games because his prosthetic leg enabled him to run just as fast using less energy than a real leg. In the end the discussion was moot as he did not qualify for the games.

Post written by Adam Bencsik, Communications Team Leader at Bux-Mont Awards

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Univest Grand Prix

Bux-Mont Awards is proud to be the official Awards supplier for Sparta Cycling and the Univest Grand Prix. For the last two years Bux-Mont Awards has proudly supplied The Univest Grand Prix with The WFMZ Team Award and The Intelligencer Most Agressive Rider Award.

Taking place the weeknd of September 6th and 7th this year, John Eustice, owner of Sparta Cycling, created the Univest Grand Prix. Now in its 11th year the race is one of only thirteen Union Cyclist International (UCI)-ranked professional road cycling competitions for men in the United States with more than 150 professional riders from 20 countries competing.

Outside of the Bux-Mont Awards, Bikeworks and The Harleysville Hotel is the Leidy's Sprint. The racers come right by us and the excitement ensues. The Harleysville Hotel was out grilling and providing free water for all. The weather held out and we were able to see the racers come by us at tremendous speeds. Check out the videos below of the Leidy's Sprint. The racers are on their way into Green Lane for a king of the mountain competition and will be greated by the Green Lane Scottish Irish festival and their bag pipers!