Thursday, October 16, 2008

The trophy quality difference

This is a picture taken from our customers website. While the column and figure used are ones that we would also take pride in using on the awards we provide you, we would never ever put a trophy on a base that small.

The trophy base is often overlooked and undervalued in the overall trophy itself. After the industry moved away from metal figures the need was there to keep the weight behind the base without comprimising cost.

In youth participation trophies and tournament awards, kids often look for weight in determining the intrinsic value of the trophy itself.

ie. Trophies that weigh less equate to less effective trophies. After the metal figures (the old heaviest part of the trophy) went bye bye, we were left with all plastic trophies which cheapened the quality and lessened the effectiveness of the award. We answer this by using a base that is proportionate to the overall height of the trophy (theirs is way to small) and to make it marble; this gives the trophy a heavy feel and better accomplishes the goals of the organizations giving the awards. Just a thought.

This trophy here has a bigger base which gives it more weight. It also just looks better. The base is proportionate to the overall size of the trophy.

The effect on cost is minimal and the impact is maximized. Keep this in mind when buying trophies.

Dan Bencsik is on the sales team at Bux-Mont Awards. Email him here

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