Friday, November 21, 2008

Engraving Services

The business first started as Bux-Mont Awards & Engraving Services and not a lot has changed in the 16+ years we have been in operation.  We added some recognition services here, apparel and promotional products there, but everything is under the recognition umbrella.  

We are a recognition company first and foremost.  We are dedicated to the principles of properly recognizing achievements and what goals do
ing so accomplishes.  We firmly believe that pe
ople thrive in an environment that includes recognition of achievement.  We also believe in the power of corporate apparel as aiding in brand recongition.  We recognize those who have come before us and deserve memorialization.  This is what makes up the Awards and engraving services in our name.  We do all this for you.  We can help many people in many ways, a lot like the engravers who came before us were to their villages and towns.   

In these times it is of greater importance to utilize recognition of some form on a daily basis.  Simple thankyous are sufficient and effective.  Formal recognition works well also.  We can always help, and it's always free to talk.

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