Thursday, January 8, 2009

Basketball Participation Awards

Another one of Bux-Mont Awards' popular basketball participation trophies is the bobblehead basketball resin. These trophies have proven popular for kids tournaments and participation awards alike and make a great keepsake for your kids seasons. Youth basketball intramural seasons offer a great opportunity to recognize kids for their achievements over the long season. Since these resin trophies are both effective and affordable, you can afford to give them out whether your league provides trophies or not. Parents and coaches alike will love seeing the smiles on their kids faces when they recieve the awards they got for their hardwork throughout the season.

If you haven't yet, use these basketball bobbleheads to recognize your childrens achievements, and if you buy them from us and mention this blog, you can take an additional 10% off of your order to show you our appreciation for being a reader of our blog.
Bux-Mont Awards is happy to support the positive growth that comes from organized sports!

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