Sunday, January 4, 2009

Youth Basketball Season

youth intramural basketball participation trophy with a spinning figure
As children are participating in their respective leagues we are going to highlight some youth basketball participation awards for 2009.

These awards are altogether fun for the children and inexpensive for the adults. While they offer maximum enjoyment for the kids they offer maximum success to the youth organization giving the trophies out and also help out the bottom line.

We all know that trophies and recognition items in general are given to recognize achievements. This is true for champion and runner up trophies at tournamnets and youth participation trophies at the intramural level. As kids are learning it is easy for them to get frustrated. Children all grow and develop at different speeds. Good coaches recognize this and implement and work on building the skill areas each child needs most. Participation trophies recognize the achievement that is unduring a season of intramural sports and the many peaks and valleys it offers the children who participate.

This coming week, Bux-Mont Awards will be highlighting some of the new trophy designs for 2009. We will also highlight some great awards that are affordable including the spinning basketball resin picture above and highlighted in the movie posted below.
What are some of your favorite basketball participation awards? Give something other than a trophy to the kids? Let us know what you do to recognize youth sports achievements.

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