Monday, February 2, 2009

Contractions and expansions

While many people continue to struggle to stay employed, we are hoping to knuckle down and beat this current downturn in the economic cycle with hardwork and perserverence. We are going to strive to be the absolute best recognition company we can. Going back to our core values and working the best we can to continue to serve our customers. Bux-Mont Awards was started in a recession, we strived through two more, and currently are keeping awards going out in anticipation of our busy time coming up.

We always look for ways to serve you the customer. There are things you need, which we want to provide for you in addition to the awards or other products you get from us. Our goal is to help you succeed through proper recognition. Whether that is corporate recognition, youth achievements, or imprinted apparel, we have a solution for you. We will continue to add to our product lines when we see a need we can fill.

With that said our endeavours have been met by our customers with great vim and great vigor. We have continued to recieve praise on the many needs we fill and have customers coming back to Bux-Mont Awards in search of more and more as we educate them on what we offer.

The demand has been rising as of late to the point where our production facilities have been outgrown. We are going to be moving our production areas into a new location in Sellersville, which is currently being renovated to suit our needs. We will still have Bux-Mont Awards trophy showroom on the corner at 201 N Main St., but where we make our trophies and plaques will have moved up past the Harleysville National Bank parking lot. We will move this production facility into the Baum House, an old historic building in downtown Sellersville that was once owned by the reknowned artist Walter Baum. This building will also have some offices for the business end & a little showroom on Main St.

Before the Harleysville store was forced to close, Bux-Mont Awards trophy showroom was going to be moved there, but now we decided to keep the awards and trophy showroom where it is and take the Baum House in a different direction. We decided to focus that showroom on our personalized / corporate gift segment. We want to be able to offer more of what we can personalize in that showroom with a focus on the clocks and corporate gifts as well as personalized gifts that people use for proms and school gifts etc. There will also be a focus on religious gifts for the many churches in our area.

We are excited to be starting this and hope that the community will continue to respond positively to this new "things remembered type" store. We are looking forward to getting it ready for you. The gift shoppes name will be The Other Corner!