Sunday, June 28, 2009

closed for...

we are going to be closing June 29th and reopening on July the 13th. Bux-Mont Awards has grown too much. Of course this is a good problem to have, but fact be known that we have outgrown our production space. It is for this reason that we have found some new digs just up the road at the other corner of our block.

This new space is super sweet. It has been refurbished and made to look brand new just for us. The folks at Kelly Fox Construction were even nice enough to put an addition on for our work production area. For this we are very thankful.

I will say again this new space is sweet. It's got everything that the space we are currently in lacks, and we hope it lasts us a very long time (though if we had to move sooner rather than later because we outgrew this place, it would be fine with me)

I will be taking pictures of the move and keeping everyone updated. We will be answering phone calls and appreciated everyones understanding while we close for the next week and move all our stuff.

Please remember that Bux-Mont Awards and Engraving Services customers can still visit us at the same location, the only thing that is changing is where stuff is getting made. We are doing this to help better serve you, our customers, and we are looking forward to continuing to serve you to the best of our abilities.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Big things and exciting news

Bux-Mont Awards will be closing for two weeks beginning June 27 reopening Monday July 13th. If you should have a need for recognition services in that time, please call 215.257.5432 or email help! and we will try are hardest to accommodate you. Why are you closing for two whole weeks?!?

Well a number of reasons really. Bux-Mont Awards staff works very hard throughout the year to honor our recognition obligations. Some of our customers memories lapse from time to time, yet they still need their awards for their big sales event, and we must provide those awards to maintain our name and to show you all we really do care. We always get you in (thus far) but we have earned a break. Therefore, the week of July 4th we are taking a vacation to spend some quality time with the family in the Outer Banks. Some of our extended family (our coworkers) are planning vacations at this time as well, and there are some others who will still be doing some prep work.

I know what you are thinking, and you are right, I did say that we are going to be closing the week of the 27th and taking vacation beginning on the 4th, and the reason for this is great!

We are taking the first week we are closed and moving our production facilities into a new location. The trophy/awards showroom will remain where it is, diagonally across the st. from the Washington House in the odd fellows building at 201 N Main Street. It is the production part of our business that will be moving. Everyone will continue to come to 201 N Main St. to order there awards. In this respect not much will change.

However we are going to be changing. Our production area, or where we make the trophies and plaques, is going to move across the bank parking lot to the other corner of the block. This space, the old Baum House, is going to be where our awards are made. They built on a big addition to the back end of this space to create an expanded work area so that Bux-Mont Awards can continue with it's mission of providing quality recognition services to the Bucks,Montgomery, and surrounding counties!

This space we are moving into provides the additional benefit of increasing our retail space. With a newly renovated showroom redesigned to capture the old time feeling of the original building while at the same time incorporating state of the art lighting and temperature systems Bux-Mont Awards is pleased to announce the soon to be coming of The Other Corner personalized gifts and apparel. As a division of Bux-Mont Awards, The Other Corner will expand upon the great personalized gifts we offer that not many of you know exist. Think things remembered in the mall combined with the cart that sells pictures on mugs mousepads and more. We can put pictures on a number of products to personalize the perfect gifts for a number of occassions.

The focus will be on personalized gifts for the graduate, religious gifts, and the animal lover in all of us. A new website is in the works along with a new blog to help our customers understand how the Other Corner can help them!

We are excited to get everything moved and into our new space, look for more information about the other corner as we continue to get our production space sorted out, and we start to prepare the showroom at The Other Corner.

We have a opening planned for the Annual Gallery of the Arts in Sellersville here in September. We look forward to sharing more news with you as it comes! Let us know what you think in the comments!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Personalized Fathers Day Gifts


My father, the owner of this great company, has long been an inspiration to me and many people around me. For being the kind of person I want to be when I grow up, thanks!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Congratulations to the Upper Perkiomen Valley Chamber of Commerce Awards Winners

I had the pleasure of attending the 13th annual Upper Perkiomen Valley Chamber of Commerce awards presentation on Thursday June 18th at the Perkiomen School and I was impressed. The people over there at the Chamber have been absolutely fantastic about helping me get acclimated to the area and enabling me to make some great connections within the Upper Perkiomen business network!

The awards breakfast was a great time, and one of the nicest presentation I have been to. They not only understand the importance of properly recognizing achievements; they also were able to give their awards winners the perfect recognition product for their needs. They gave away some high quality recognition pieces to some worthy individuals and I want to congratulate them here as well!

The Outstanding Small Busines Award was given to Rose Hanlon, which was accepted by her husband. With two locations the Hanlons mix a combination of good will and good taste to grow their business the right way; a high quality product and an amazing work ethic, congratulations to you both!

The President's Award for Education was given to Joan Smith of Life Long Learning. Joan had a storied past filled with people she has helped in some way or another. Joan worked in both the Perkiomen School and the Upper Perkiomen School District before starting Life Long Learning and has a passion for education and a love for learning that I could only hope to someday achieve a fraction of. Her acceptence speech touched my heart along with many in the room and underscored the need and importance of education in the future. Congratulations Joan Smith!

The Wallace H Bieler Distinguished Leadership Award was given to Liz Herman of Univest Corporation. Ella Sherwood of the UPV Library introduced Liz during a touching and emotional presentation. Last year, the award was named for and given posthumously to Wallace H. Bieler, and his wife was in attendence to see this years winner. In another touching speech you could tell everyone in the room was aware of how much of her time Liz really dedicates to helping others in her community.

Like the other two awards recipients I was touched and grateful to listen to the acceptence of these awards, and you could truly see the gratitude of the recipients as they were being presented with the awards. As they looked over the awards they were recieving, you could see the pride that went into the hardwork it took to garner these awards, and the quality and pride that went into making them.

We are glad to have provided these awards for the Upper Perk Chamber of Commerce, and are looking forward to a productive year in 2009 and beyond. Once again congratulations!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Your picture on mugs

To wrap up the weeks posts with another thing that people don't know that we do, which will all change very shortly as we continue to add space enabling us to display it properly, is picture mugs. Great fathers day and mothers day gifts for the coffee drinker in your family, these 11 oz. c-mugs can be imprinted with your kids pictures and a catchy phrase that is sure to warm dads and moms hearts everywhere as they start their day with their first cup of coffee.

We can also provide imprinting on stainless steel travel mugs for the renewable green energy fans.

Questions? Email me here.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Recognition products offered by Bux-Mont Awards that you didn't know we carried

Pins. Custom Pins. We will design and produce a pin for any occassion. If you are looking for pins to trade at your upcoming baseball or softball tournament we can do that.

If you are looking for custom commemorative pins for your next event, we can do that for you too. Our pins come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and the price changes as the quantities increase and depends on what process you use.

If you have questions don't hesitate to leave them in the comments, or call us at 215.257.5432. Ask for Dan or Greg!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesdays recognition edition

As we continue to discuss the recognition products Bux-Mont Awards sells that our customers don't know we carry, it is easy to forget about the basics.

Bux-Mont Awards sells certificates and medals. These products are some of the most popular we carry but often times the more forgotten ones. We get many calls for bronze plaques and trophies. Every once in awhile people call or stop in and ask if we do banners. But people are always surprised to find us carrying certificates and medals.

For some reason it just doesn't occur to people that you can come to your local trophy shop for certificates and medals. But we, of course, are much more than just a trophy shop, and we are trying to take this time to show you that.

Our art department can even create custom certificates for you. A great way to recognize achievements.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Recognition products offered by Bux-Mont Awards that you didn't know we carried

Bronze memorial signage is a product that Bux-Mont Awards has carried almost since we were born. Now knowing that we didn't sell banners is understandable, as we just started carrying them in the last year or two, but cast bronze plaques are hard to find items and the first place you should start is your neighborhood trophy shop.

We know that in most cases it is a hard thing to shop for, but bronze memorial plaques are the right way to permantly memorialize the loved ones you lost.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Recognition products offered by Bux-Mont Awards you didn't know we carried


We sell banners of all shapes and sizes. Whether your school just won the conference championship or you need a banner that spans across the street, we have someone here at Bux-Mont Awards to help meet your needs.

Recognition means a lot of things to a lot of people and we are trying to meet the needs of all of them. From industrial signage to imprinted apparel, it is all recognition of some sort.

Please email me with your questions.

Tomorrows product: bronze memorial plaques.