Sunday, June 28, 2009

closed for...

we are going to be closing June 29th and reopening on July the 13th. Bux-Mont Awards has grown too much. Of course this is a good problem to have, but fact be known that we have outgrown our production space. It is for this reason that we have found some new digs just up the road at the other corner of our block.

This new space is super sweet. It has been refurbished and made to look brand new just for us. The folks at Kelly Fox Construction were even nice enough to put an addition on for our work production area. For this we are very thankful.

I will say again this new space is sweet. It's got everything that the space we are currently in lacks, and we hope it lasts us a very long time (though if we had to move sooner rather than later because we outgrew this place, it would be fine with me)

I will be taking pictures of the move and keeping everyone updated. We will be answering phone calls and appreciated everyones understanding while we close for the next week and move all our stuff.

Please remember that Bux-Mont Awards and Engraving Services customers can still visit us at the same location, the only thing that is changing is where stuff is getting made. We are doing this to help better serve you, our customers, and we are looking forward to continuing to serve you to the best of our abilities.

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