Thursday, June 18, 2009

Congratulations to the Upper Perkiomen Valley Chamber of Commerce Awards Winners

I had the pleasure of attending the 13th annual Upper Perkiomen Valley Chamber of Commerce awards presentation on Thursday June 18th at the Perkiomen School and I was impressed. The people over there at the Chamber have been absolutely fantastic about helping me get acclimated to the area and enabling me to make some great connections within the Upper Perkiomen business network!

The awards breakfast was a great time, and one of the nicest presentation I have been to. They not only understand the importance of properly recognizing achievements; they also were able to give their awards winners the perfect recognition product for their needs. They gave away some high quality recognition pieces to some worthy individuals and I want to congratulate them here as well!

The Outstanding Small Busines Award was given to Rose Hanlon, which was accepted by her husband. With two locations the Hanlons mix a combination of good will and good taste to grow their business the right way; a high quality product and an amazing work ethic, congratulations to you both!

The President's Award for Education was given to Joan Smith of Life Long Learning. Joan had a storied past filled with people she has helped in some way or another. Joan worked in both the Perkiomen School and the Upper Perkiomen School District before starting Life Long Learning and has a passion for education and a love for learning that I could only hope to someday achieve a fraction of. Her acceptence speech touched my heart along with many in the room and underscored the need and importance of education in the future. Congratulations Joan Smith!

The Wallace H Bieler Distinguished Leadership Award was given to Liz Herman of Univest Corporation. Ella Sherwood of the UPV Library introduced Liz during a touching and emotional presentation. Last year, the award was named for and given posthumously to Wallace H. Bieler, and his wife was in attendence to see this years winner. In another touching speech you could tell everyone in the room was aware of how much of her time Liz really dedicates to helping others in her community.

Like the other two awards recipients I was touched and grateful to listen to the acceptence of these awards, and you could truly see the gratitude of the recipients as they were being presented with the awards. As they looked over the awards they were recieving, you could see the pride that went into the hardwork it took to garner these awards, and the quality and pride that went into making them.

We are glad to have provided these awards for the Upper Perk Chamber of Commerce, and are looking forward to a productive year in 2009 and beyond. Once again congratulations!

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