Thursday, August 13, 2009

We're moving!

This is a map of where we are moving our showroom to. Please come visit us as we are eager to show it off!

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Breast Cancer Awareness giveaways

Breast Cancer Awareness month has a special meaning to many people and for us here at Bux-Mont Awards it's no different.. From the race for the cure to the many other events held during the month of October people are always ordering shirts and promotional products for their events.

We have done a number of breast cancer awareness promotions in the past for our customers. We also have a great line of cancer ribbon resins for top fundraiser awards, recognizing team achievement, and donor recognition.

We have pink shirts that can be direct to garment imprinted in full color with photos or screen-printed with one or two colors. The shirts come in all sizes sm - 5xl. We use the port authority brand for our shirts because we feel they have the best quality shirts at the most affordable cost.

Have a favorite promotional product that was given to you or that your company/team gave away to donors? Neat ideas for using promotional products from to recognize donations or increase awareness for breast cancer; leave it in the comments

Saturday, August 1, 2009

We're moving!

Recently, as most of our customers already know, we partook in a move of grand scale when we decided our production facilities were no longer adequate for us to continue to faithfully serve the ever growing number of you there are. As far as problems go this is a very good one to have. It means we are busy, and it means we are doing something right.

Seeing that we only moved to the other end of the block we made it through and saw some great advantages as the move nears its completion. This move enabled us to keep our showroom where it was (for the time being...) while gaining some new retail space up the street at 225 N. Main (our new address. This space was going to be used for The Other Corner personalized gifts and imprinted apparel. A unique gift shop where people could skip the mall and get back to main street with their engravable gift needs.

Though that was then, as in last week, and this is now; and my how things have changed. We got a notice, at the beginning of the month, that the showroom space we decided to keep was due for a rent adjustment. A pretty substantial one at that. So substantial in fact that we decided times were tough enough to the point we had to bag the new personalized and engravable gift business and move the rest of our awards and recognition operations into the new retail space at 225 N. Main St. in Sellersville. This move will still mean good things for Bux-Mont Awards.

We are happy to have such a great, newly renovated space and while we were excited about the new production facilities, we have even more to be excited about with the move from the retail space.

This space will be highlighting some of the more unique pieces of recognition Bux-Mont Awards has to offer. The refurbished 1800's house has wood floors and clean walls that will look exquisite when filled with the high quality awards we have to offer. Look for pictures and more info to follow in the near future!