Friday, September 18, 2009

New Bux-Mont Awards Sign

Bux-Mont Awards new sign
Is here and ready to go up! I can't wait to show you more pictures as the day goes on! What a relief that people will finally be able to find our store again! A big thank you to Horizon Signs for their great work in getting this thing completed in time for the Sellersville Gallery of The Arts this Sunday. More pictures of Bux-Mont Awards' new sign to follow!

Sellersville Gallery of The Arts

The Gallery of the Arts is this weekend, and Bux-Mont Awards is hurriedly getting it's showroom ready for this years featured artist Fred Diseroad. An architect as well as an artist, Fred is most well known for his drawings of local historic homes. A number of his drawings hang in the West Rockhill Township building.

Come visit our town this Sunday and stop in to see our new digs as well as the Gallery of the Arts featured artist.

The Gallery has seen exponential growth in interest of area crafters and artisans this year, so there will be plenty of arts to take in. If you don't want to deal with the crowds at the Jim Henson Exhibit at the Michener this weekend, come to Sellersville to take in the arts!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Recognition

As everyone is out there working hard to raise money to save some lives, we are trying to recognize all of your achievements.

breast cancer recognition resin
These resin statues are a great way to recognize donors, top fundraisers, or important leaders all working towards the eradication of breast cancer.

And to do our part, we are pleased to tell you that when you let us help effectively pursue recognition this October, 10% of your breast cancer recognition purchase will go back to the cause.

Bux-Mont Awards is please to announce a 10% donation to the breast cancer awareness organization of your choice. We know that when you effectively recognize achievements people are motivated to continue to strive and go above and beyond. Our professionals are geared with the knowledge to help everyone do this, and someone is awaiting your contact right now so that breast cancer awareness ribbonwe can help you.

The breast cancer awareness resin isn't the only way we offer to recongize donor achievements. There are many plaques and acrylics that will achieve the same goals. Contact us to let us help you.

Have any neat donor recognition ideas? Leave them in the comments and we will feature the very best in upcoming posts.

Looking for promotional products for your October Breast Cancer awareness event? Check out our search tools at to search for your great ideas!

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Store

We are officially operating our of our new store location. Bux-Mont Awards has moved up to the other end of the block. Check the pictures at the end of the post.

It goes 1) the odd fellows building (our old store) 2) the Harleysville National Bank 3) the Harleysville National Bank parking lot and 4) our new store.

We moved North to the other end of the block on the corner of Main and Green streets. You will be happy to hear there is off street parking behind the building. It is in a white house and you should see the sign up at some point in the near future. Looking forward to showing it off at the gallery of the arts in Sellersville on the 20th!
Bux-Mont Awards new store view from Green Street
View of store from Main St.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pennridge Gallery of the Arts

The Annual Pennridge Gallery of the Arts is quickly approaching. Set for Sunday, September 20, in Sellersville, the 41st Gallery of the Arts encourages everyone to "come enjoy the many beautiful paintings and crafts created by local and visiting artists."

The artists will be judged on a variety of categories and everyone will be competing for the Best of Show prize. The winner will be awarded the Walter E. Baum plaque honoring the top artist at the event along with $1000 in prize money.

The Gallery of the arts is put on with the goal of keeping the community involved with the arts. Visit the Galleries website to find out more, and we hope to see everyone come out and support local artists that day.

Bux-Mont Awards will once again be hosting this years featured artist, only in a new location. Many of you have heard that we have moved to the other end of the block from 201 N Main to 225 N. Main. We are now working out of the newly renovated historic Walter Baum house on the corner of Green and Main.

With the property ownership changing hands, Kelly Fox Contruction did a beautiful job renovating the building into a nice retail space to go along with an apartment on the top floor.

Having just moved, we are diligently working on getting the showroom ready for this years featured artist, Fred Diseroad.

We hope you can come join us, and be sure to leave your memories of the gallery in the comments!