Monday, September 14, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Recognition

As everyone is out there working hard to raise money to save some lives, we are trying to recognize all of your achievements.

breast cancer recognition resin
These resin statues are a great way to recognize donors, top fundraisers, or important leaders all working towards the eradication of breast cancer.

And to do our part, we are pleased to tell you that when you let us help effectively pursue recognition this October, 10% of your breast cancer recognition purchase will go back to the cause.

Bux-Mont Awards is please to announce a 10% donation to the breast cancer awareness organization of your choice. We know that when you effectively recognize achievements people are motivated to continue to strive and go above and beyond. Our professionals are geared with the knowledge to help everyone do this, and someone is awaiting your contact right now so that breast cancer awareness ribbonwe can help you.

The breast cancer awareness resin isn't the only way we offer to recongize donor achievements. There are many plaques and acrylics that will achieve the same goals. Contact us to let us help you.

Have any neat donor recognition ideas? Leave them in the comments and we will feature the very best in upcoming posts.

Looking for promotional products for your October Breast Cancer awareness event? Check out our search tools at to search for your great ideas!

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