Saturday, December 12, 2009

Support your home, visit and shop the stores on Main St.

I was speaking with another of the retail merchants here in Sellersville the other day, and it was said that Main St. is making a comeback. There was talk of people growing bored of the big box and coming back home to shop again.

We apparently aren't the only ones. Kate Fratti had a great article in the Intelligencer the other day about keeping close to home and supporting your neighbors this holiday season. People seem to take their Main Streets for granted at times, and we don't like that.

While she didn't mention Sellersville by name, we still hope you will be able to find your way over here to have a look around. And if you are a merchant looking for space, there is two openings for retail space in our old location on the corner of Temple and Main, check it out.

Because Bux-Mont Awards is more than just trophies, we encourage people to come in and have a look around. A lot of people don't realize we have a personalized gift line that offers truly unique gift ideas.

Check out Kates article "Put Your Money Where Your Home Is."

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