Monday, March 15, 2010

What recognition can do for you

Our goal for this blog is to help you with your recognition needs. So for all of you in the corporate and business world. What does recognition mean to you?

Lets hear some ideas in the comments. What are ways you recognize achievements? What does employee recognition mean to you?

Most business do employee of the month plaques to the point where it dilutes the meaning of the achievement. Without clearly articulating what the employee of the month means it has no meaning. Just putting a picture and a name on a plaque is worthless unless you give it some worth.

Managers need to realize that the hard work is worth more than just a name on the plaque (I am not saying that plaque shouldn’t be there), and celebrate that achievement pointing out to fellow employees, and even customers, the hardwork and diligence that went into earning that recognition.

People work hard and take pride in the work they do. If you recognize their achievement for what it is, they will work harder for you. Make them buy into your companies vision, and they will go to war with you.

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