Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Going green

With green having been all but forgotten in this economic downturn, lets hope that it isn't all forgotten on the upswing. We can continue to drive this economy by espousing the green virtues and help leave this planet a better place for our children (sound familiar all you aging boomers?)

In our effort to go green we will highlight here on our blog, some of the things we are doing to leave this planet a better place for our kids.

One of these things is our love of Velcro. We are a big fan of Velcro for many reasons. Not only do they save us from the arduous tasks of shoe tying, but the folks over at Velcro have been busy coming up with new applications for their hook and loop.

One of these ingenious ideas is as a reusable zip tie. Velcro zip ties are great. We never had enough zip ties around when you need them, and I always hated having to waste one every time someone asked for a new monitor or to move their keyboard. The velcro zip ties were the perfect solution.

We are happy to do away with throw away zip ties and switch to the velcro brand. When we were going through our big move, we needed a solution for our cable organization that was as green as could be and worked for our organizational needs. Velcro answered the call for our needs in grand fashion!

Check them out if you haven't before and post your energy saving and recycling ideas in the comments. Check back here often to see how Bux-Mont Awards is saving the planet one trophy at a time.

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