Monday, June 28, 2010

Why we blog

Bux-Mont Awards has a blog for a number of reasons... like to educate our customers on the many solutions offered to your recognition needs. (as seen in the hopefully somewhat regular, hopefully soon to be renamed Stuff we do that you may not know about or SWDTYMNKA posts) We are taking ideas for a new name for that column.

Another reason we have this blog is to assist us in our mission of recognition. We are a recognition company whose goals aim to further the spread of quality recognition with their stakeholders. While this aim is why we offer a lot of engraved and digitally imprinted awards and trophies, we also realize that they aren't always the appropriate way to say "job well done." Sometimes all anyone is looking for is a pat on the back. Some times we aren't recognizing an achievement rather we are helping a company optimize their brand recognition through the use of promotional products or apparel.

Sometimes we are helping youth sports teams with their fundraising or helping young children gain positive well being from playing sports with participation awards, and other times we are making awards for big tournaments or events. Offering a variety of things with the aim of spreading recognition so that you benefit as much as possible from our hard work.

As an extension of our customers, we help them achieve their goals and believe that everyone can benefit from recognizing achievement and utilizing recognition products. The ones who get it and understand what recognition means to them also get how it impacts their bottom line, how it reduces turnover and builds self esteem.

Keep following this blog to learn more about recognition and its benefits to you, and if you have a new name suggestion for SWDTYMNKA please leave the comment.

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