Thursday, November 4, 2010

The biggest trophy we ever made

You have to see this thing to appreciate how big it really is.  I will take some pictures with us next to it and post it in a future picture.  This enduro racing series wanted a REALLY big trophy for their overall team points winner, and this is what we came up with.  It turned out really good - its a bear to handle and you are going to need a small truck to take it home.  This is in addition to all the other really big (but not quite that big) trophies they are doing.  

Soccer Season continued:

Here is a sneak peak of the trophies being given away at this years SISL'r Slam tournament.  We are thankful to the SIS'L organization for their continued commitment to properly recognizing their childrens achievements with trophies and recognition items from Bux-Mont Awards.  While we are running out of room in our new digs, we are happy to store them for all 700 of them for a day or two before sending them off into the wild!
Notice how this one trophy is bigger than three boxes worth of trophies to the right of it!

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