Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays and a Heartfelt Thanks

2011 was a milestone year for us.  We celebrated our 21st year in business. We saw our growth rate jump at its highest level in our history with the first full year of the Gerharts Engraving acquisition under our belt.  We had a banner year for trophy production with Oaklane Quarter Midget Racing Club hosting the Quarter Midget Racing Association nationals race.

This year was not without its challenges however.  We worked to improve each and every day and to continue to provide you with the absolute best engraving and recognition services in the area.  The breadth of our services expanded, but that was met with the logistical challenge that comes with having a decentralized manufacting set up in two geographic locations.

Thanks to you our customers, and the wonderful employees that enable us to help serve you, here we are looking into 2012 with high hopes!  We are eternally grateful for all of you that enable us to be in the position we are in.

The recognition industry is a unique and wonderful business to be in.  While the financial returns aren't always optimal, and the great recession affected even us where the previous recessions did not, we are in a business that is forever rewarding to run and be a part of.  The stakeholders involved in this business are all high quality amazing individuals who get the importance of recognizing achievements.  To see the people who come in to order awards for other individuals who so selflessly give their all everyday to a variety of tasks in their daily lives is simply amazing and inspiring.

We help recognize the achievements of those who save lives, and those who sacrifice their time and energies not for profit but to leave this world a little better place than it was when they got here.  To see them put in all their hard work and dedication is really the most rewarding part of this job and it makes waking up and coming to work each and every day a pure joy.  Thank you to those of you who have enabled us to help serve you, and we look forward to helping you recognize achievements in the future.

Bux-Mont Awards would not be here with out the many individuals who do so much to change the lives of so many people, and the hard work our employees put in to make sure that the hard work does not go unrecognized.  We love what we do, and we look forward to doing it for the next twenty years and beyond!

Have the happiest holidays and the brightest new years.  We are looking forward to seeing you all, and a heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of you that helped make Bux-Mont Awards what it is today.  The leading provider of recognition services in Bucks and Montgomery County!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Healthy Eating in Youth Sports

Todays post comes courtesy of Yahoo Sports Blog.

Diet and nutrition is incredibly important in youth sports. The young person's body is still growing and often needs more nutrients than adults do in a normal day. When you add to this a sport or activity that is practiced regularly, you can really see the importance of healthy eating in youth sports.

to read the entire article click here

Friday, November 11, 2011

Neets racing team challenge cup champion.

Check out the cup we just made for a enduro race season Champion.

The award cups come in many different shapes and sizes!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Engravable pewter trays

Stop in to see our line of custom engravable pewter and silver. The perfect anniversary gift and other occasions as well.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Calendar of Events - Planning for promotions

Its time (already!) to be looking into your end of year promotions; maybe even your first quarter promtions.  Now is when you should assess how your year went in terms of your marketing plan.  Is your marketing plan working for you?  Do you need to change something?  Let's get it taken care of so Bux-Mont Awards can help you start 2012 off your way!  Set your goals, meet and exceed them!

If you have some extra money allocated for marketing in your November and December budget, please contact me @ 215.855.5052 or leave a comment and I will help you.  Whether you need help on choosing the right imprinted promotional product for your business, or need help going over your marketing plan, we can certainly help you.

Now onto the upcoming events.  Here they are in the order they occur.  Also included in this list are ideas for uses of promotional products in conjunction with these events that will help your company increase its brand awareness.  Creating an association with your company and an event is one way to help stay at the forefront of your customers memory, and promotional products are a great way to make that happen!

Upcoming Events

  • November 2011 - National Healthy Skin Month, Good Nutrition Month
    • 11 Veteran's Day
      • American flags - no logos needed on these promotions.  Displaying proper respect for those who fought for our freedoms is a great way to promote your business!
    • 15 America Recycles Day
      • Recycled / Green promotions
    • 17 Great American Smoke Out
    • 24 Thanksgiving
  • December 2011 
    • 1 World AIDS day
    • 4-10 National Hand Washing Awareness Week
      • imprinted hand sanitizer
    • 20 Hanukkah Begins
    • 21 First Day of Winter
      • an imprinted scarf or fleece hat keeps your logo on top of the mind
    • 25 Christmas
      • imprinted toys / or gift items are a great way to thank your existing customers.
    • 26 Kwanzaa begins
    • 31 New Years Eve
  • January 2012 - National Get Organized Month, National Financial Wellness Month
             Great giveaways for the entire month include organizations tools & financial literacy promotions
    • 1 New Years Day
    • 1-7 Diet resolution week
    • 16 Martin Luther King Day
    • 23 National Handwriting Day
      • Imprinted Pens & Pencils
If you need help brainstorming ideas, please give me an email or a call or leave your ideas to the comments!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Sponsor Plaques

We can help you create art from your photos, or you can bring in your own and we can mount it under Plexiglas on one of our many plaque choices.

These are an effective affordable way of recognizing your sponsors and getting your organizations brand in front of more eyes.

This leads to a greater following which makes you worth more to your sponsors!

See how this recognition thing works? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

We're learning!

Today we made a name block out of 3/4 inch acrylic with a chrome Mylar overlay.

I was really pleased with the way it turned out and look forward to the next time we can do a project like this!

Lets hear your thoughts in the comments.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Merck Sigma awards

Watch "Merck sigma awards" on YouTube

Merck does a fine job with many of their awards programs and this one for their sigma program is no different.

Employees complete a lengthy project that gets them certified in the sigma methodology.  To recognize the achievement,  Merck gives each employee who completes the program a nice award to recognize them for their hardwork.

Please watch the video to see their plaques being engraved.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Recognition Business

First impressions mean alot, and while our name, Bux-Mont Awards may mean alot to those of you in the Bucks and Montgomery counties who are interested in buying the absolute best in trophies plaques and more whether its for your youth sports organizations or your corporate sales awards.

What people don't know is the many other things we do.  Bux-Mont Awards & Engraving services is a full scale provider of recognition services throughout the United States.  Our products have even gone to China!  But where we want this post to take you today is along an informational road that will educate and inform you, so without further ado, I present to you the product segments available to you, through us!

Bux-Mont Awards product lines:
  • Awards
    • Trophies
    • Plaques
    • Personalized commemorative gifts
  • Promotional products
    • anything you can put your name on which you use to promote your business or organization
  • Imprinted Apparel
    • this form of recognition helps get you known
    • the best way of getting your logo in front of the most eyes quickest
      • has to be a well thought out design.
  • Signage (another form of recognition)
    • Indoor & Outdoor signage 
    • Cast memorial 
  • Personalization services
    • We engrave on a variety of metals and objects to personalize them creating a moment of recognition!

It is our hope that you learn something about us, and we want to learn more about you, so please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Enjoying the Summer Heat

Well here it is July already and while we have had slow periods the first half of this year sure seemed to fly by quick!
While last year ended with a bang due to the acquisition of another trophy shop, this year to date has marked some historic projects in Bux-Mont Awards short history as well.
We finished up our part in a awe inspiring Marines monument which is being dedicated this month, and we are right in the middle of our biggest trophy job to date, the Oaklane grands.  This national quarter midget race is so big that we had to rent a factory to produce the job.  Some statistics will follow in a future post.
There are 350 trophies ranging in size from six to four feet.
We are happy to have this opportunity as the people at Oaklane have been extremely good to us as a customer for over ten years now.
If you are in the area at the end of July you should definitely stop by to see a race!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Cast Bronze Marines Monument

We helped a great guy create a monument being dedicated this month in Quantico Virginia to his Marines brethren in " memory of our Golf 2-7 Brothers who made the supreme sacrifice and in honor of all who served Golf Company 2-7 and their country in time of need." It is being dedicated July 23 at the USMC national park.
The monument almost never happened as funding was slow to materialize.  But because of the dedication and hardwork of one individual, it was able to come together and it was great to be a part of.

 This was such a great story that our local newspaper, The Intelligencer decided to do a writeup on it that can be found on their website,

Please look over the photos below.  The manufacturer said it was the nicest monument they ever did.  Marines employed at the bronze casting company wanted to meet the designer and said it was a job they were certainly proud of, and in our 21 years in business this is our proudest moment as well. 

To help a person like Dave Kling bring this together, to help him honor is fallen brethren who fought so hard to keep us free is huge to us.  We can't thank all the stakeholders who helped bring this together enough.

Please visit the Marines golf company website directly at to read more about the company and the newsletter has information on the dedication of the monument as well!

Bux-Mont Awards makers of cast bronze marines monument
Cast Bronze Marines Monument

On each column are the names of each individual who gave their lives for our freedom

The artwork was taken from the Golf Companys photographer

Finished product, what a beautiful piece!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pennridge Wrestling Golf Outing Fundraiser

When all was said and done this was the funnest outing I've been to all year!

The coaches and parents over at the pennridge wreslting club did a great job preparing for this golf outing.

They had some great giveaways planned including a sleeve of balls, a commemorative coffee mug and a pack of tees.

They also had some really cool etched pint glasses that were being given away as prizes for the winning foursome, longest drive and straightest drive. 

While we didn't win first, our guys came home with the longest drive and it was a long one!

Thanks again to the wrestling team and we are already eagerly awaiting next year!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


There are a bunch of sidewalks being torn up here in Lansdale as the streetscape project Representative Schwartz got to help revitalize the town.  Don't let that stop you from stopping by one of the great events or visiting the businesses here in town.

Make Lansdale your next stop on the train to eat, and while you are here visit some of the great businesses in town.  There is also a farmers market running every Saturday this summer with many great vendors with fresh meats, eggs, fruits, fresh breads and more!

It will be nice when the streetscape project is done and everyone can begin to enjoy the new sidewalks and improvements being made!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

60 years is a long time to do anything

Like the title says, 60 years is a long time to do anything, but one lady made it point to pursue her passion and help teach children to dance for the last 60 years.  A woman visited our store in Lansdale recently to inquire as to whether we could provide a etched vase for a gift she was giving for her mother, who was celebrating her 60th year in teaching dance.

Jane Lapoten wanted to recognize her mothers hardwork and grand achievement by giving her something personalized that she would cherish for the rest of her days.  While we could not provide her with the base she was seeking, we were able to utilize our sand etching process and made a memory.

Ms. Lapoten was beyond ecstatic when she saw how nice the etching turned out and promised to provide some pictures for us soon, which we will post for you to see.  We were very happy that our customer was so happy with the finished product that was provided to her and it was neat seeing her reaction.

This story and countless others continue to inspire me to keep serving the recognition industry and its many wonderful customers.  We have heard so many success stories that Bux-Mont Awards was proud to have been a small part of as the provider of the personalized gift or engraved gift or plaque or award.

Please share your stories with us, as we would love to hear them!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Lansdale Updates

A customer of ours from our Sellersville store, band Split Horizon will be playing at the First Fridays Lansdale Winter session at the North Penn YMCA.  The Festivities will be held March 04 and will begin at 6:00 lasting until 9:00.

Register Here

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wheelchair Basketball this weekend

We just got back from watching a wheelchair basketball game in the city (my brother plays on the Philly Stars team) and it was a good time as always.

Many visitors of the Please Touch Museum probably know nothing about the little gym next door where all is left on the court in the spirit of competition, and a good time is had by all who play & attend.  The game of Wheelchair Basketball is played a lot like normal basketball except the rules are augmented to account for the wheelchairs.  You would not believe until you try how hard it is to shoot on a ten foot rim while sitting down, but these guys do a great job and work really hard to better their games.

If you ever get a chance, and hopefully one day you will, you should definitely take in a game or two of a wheelchair basketball tournament as they are some of the funnest games you will watch.  If anyone has any photos to share from the games Carousel House Wheelchair Basketball Tournament this weekend, please post a link to them in the comments!

Thinking ahead: what to look forward to in this weeks post.

In the spirit of since I wrote it down it will definitely happen, I am writing a post on what to look forward to this week.  So here it goes, a rundown of the three posts you can expect this week.

Monday: Highlighting basketball resins

Wednesday:  New Hockey products

Friday:  TGIF wrapup of the week, customer highlight, Lansdale & Sellersville updates

Teaching those to achieve or how to strive for recognition.

As I was filling the coffee maker with water moments ago, I was thinking to myself what it means to strive for excellence.  Bux-Mont Awards recognizes achievements.  Its one of the main things we do, in addition to brand recognition and engraving signage (another type of recognition) and we take pride in doing it well.

When you look at it though, it's hard to answer the question why do people strive to achieve?  What is it inside those type a personalities that tend to work for satisfaction and achieve to be recognized?  Some companies are good at recognizing achievements, they usually have a few great managers who know what it means to praise someone for the work they do, even the most menial of tasks.  As they say someones gotta do it.

But what happened to those that go above and beyond because they take pride in what they do and they want to be recognized for and associated with a superior work ethic and an overall willingness to press on and achieve.

These people walls are filled with plaques and certificates of achievement, and their numbers in organizations often times are indicative of that businesses success (or lack thereof).

The Phillies Roy Halladay and when he was recognized by the club and gave Carlos Ruiz, his catcher, that custom ring, I couldn't help but think, they understand how valuable that is.  They get it.

So I am very much looking for some answers to the question how do you make someone strive to achieve in the comments, so please leave your thoughts.  I am thinking its got something to do with the environment they grew up in, but lets start a conversation.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seven Steps to a successful promotional campaign

Successful promotion campaigns don't happen by chance. To realize goals, promotional products programs must be carefully planned, taking into consideration the audience, budget and, of course, the ultimate result to be gained.

Ready to plan your next promotion? Use the consultant search engine to locate a PPAI member consultant in your area. You and your consultant will discuss these seven important elements to help you plan the best promotion for reaching your objective:

1. Define a specific objective.
Whether the goal is to increase traffic at a tradeshow exhibit or to boost sales with current clients, the first step in any campaign is to clarify the purpose of the program.

2. Determine a workable distribution plan to a targeted audience.
Distribution of a promotional product is as important as the item itself. Research shows that a carefully executed distribution plan significantly increases the effectiveness of promotional products. For example, a pre-show mailing to a select audience delivers more tradeshow traffic and qualified leads than simply distributing items to passersby at the show.

3. Create a central theme.
Linking a recognizable logo and color to all aspects of a campaign, from promotional products to sales sheets to product packaging, helps create an instantly recognizable image.

4. Develop a message to support the theme.
Supporting a campaign's theme with a message helps to solidify a company's name, service or products in the target audience's mind. For instance, to promote its services to small businesses, a bank created the theme "Are you tired of being treated like a small fish?" and sent fish-related products to its prospects along with promotional literature.

5. Select a promotional product that bears a natural relationship to your profession or communications theme.
A good example is a company that developed a magic motif for its conference at Disney World. Attendees received magic-related products to tie in with the theme "Experience the magic at Disney®."

6. Don't pick an item based solely on uniqueness, price or perceived value.
Don't fall prey to the latest trends or fads. The most effective promotional products are used in a cohesive, well-planned campaign.

7. Use a qualified promotional products consultant.
A good promotional products consultant will help you answer all of these questions as well as offer a variety of value-added services, including unique product ideas, creative distribution solutions and insight on the different imprinting methods just to name a few. PPAI consultants have met the highest qualification standards in the industry and display "The Mark of a Professional." A MAS (Master Advertising Specialist) or CAS (Certified Advertising Specialist) designation after a consultant's name means he or she has earned one of the industry's only official certifications.

(exert taken from

Monday, February 21, 2011

Always learning

While some were consolidating to maintain their bottom lines and stay afloat in the recent tumultuous economic conditions we tried investing.  And while we didn't have much money to invest, our bank (with the gracious help of the Small Business Administration), thought enough of our business and our goals to fund an acquisition of a retiring engravers business in Lansdale.

At the same time we are investing in knowledge.  We joined a promotional products trade association that enables us to receive discounts on many promotional products which is savings we are passing along to you.  They have webinars, online sales tools and much more available to those interested in using promotional products.

We also have our web promotional products search engine at  and will be offering tips for creative uses of promotional products here on this blog.

Leave your creative uses for promotional products in the comments.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Youth Sports Trophies

As youth basketball season is in full swing, we are inviting potential customers to come into our showrooms in Sellersville or Lansdale to see what Bux-Mont Awards can offer for you.

Whether you are shopping for a team or a league, we have something to fit your budget.  Often times people leave commenting "wow, I never realized trophies such a good deal!"  Your kids will have a ball with trophies from Bux-Mont Awards

perfect participation basketball trophies, awards and more!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Facebook page update

We recently updated to the new business page version facebook rolled out.  Please take a moment to visit the page (and like us if you haven't already!) and  leave your thoughts in the comments.

Bux-Mont Awards facebook page

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 website down

There was a bit of a misstep on the web managers (ie me) part, and in transfering the domain over to the account which all our domains are hosted with, the old domain host shut off my access to the nameservers.  This caused users attempting to access to reach an error message.  We have now fixed the issue and everything is up and running as it should.

There is a temporary landing page at that directs you to the main Bux-Mont Awards page.  Please call with any questions or issues.  Thank you.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Building a Marines Monument

So we had the honor of being the sales people for a Marines Monument being built near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania that is almost complete and will be heading down to its permanent home outside the Marines Museum in Quantico Virginia. 

They are still looking for donors for the project so if anyones wants to donate please contact someone at Bux-Mont Awards and we will guide you in the right direction.  There is a postor hanging in our Sellersville store with the plans for the monument and I will post some pictures here. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Employee of the Month Plaques

We have been getting the orders for new employee of the month perpetual plaques and want to take this post to remind you if you have forgotten to stop by our Sellersville or Lansdale store to place your orders.

You can also visit our website to view the perpetual plaque selection and order via our online form or email.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Lansdale Updates

We are working on updating the showroom, and after some paint and slatwall have it looking somewhat respectable.

The sign should be installed this week, so keep an eye out for that.  I'm trying to get some pictures up soon.

Oh and did anyone see the new

The trophy and awards scene is changing in Lansdale rather quickly.  Services are being expanded, and we are fervently working to get the additional products we offer out on the shelves.

Doing this while helping customers, learning machines, and maintaining a fully functioning store with only one other full time person and a part timer is a challenge, but we take solace in knowing when its done you will be pretty pleased with the results.