Sunday, February 27, 2011

Teaching those to achieve or how to strive for recognition.

As I was filling the coffee maker with water moments ago, I was thinking to myself what it means to strive for excellence.  Bux-Mont Awards recognizes achievements.  Its one of the main things we do, in addition to brand recognition and engraving signage (another type of recognition) and we take pride in doing it well.

When you look at it though, it's hard to answer the question why do people strive to achieve?  What is it inside those type a personalities that tend to work for satisfaction and achieve to be recognized?  Some companies are good at recognizing achievements, they usually have a few great managers who know what it means to praise someone for the work they do, even the most menial of tasks.  As they say someones gotta do it.

But what happened to those that go above and beyond because they take pride in what they do and they want to be recognized for and associated with a superior work ethic and an overall willingness to press on and achieve.

These people walls are filled with plaques and certificates of achievement, and their numbers in organizations often times are indicative of that businesses success (or lack thereof).

The Phillies Roy Halladay and when he was recognized by the club and gave Carlos Ruiz, his catcher, that custom ring, I couldn't help but think, they understand how valuable that is.  They get it.

So I am very much looking for some answers to the question how do you make someone strive to achieve in the comments, so please leave your thoughts.  I am thinking its got something to do with the environment they grew up in, but lets start a conversation.

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