Sunday, February 27, 2011

Wheelchair Basketball this weekend

We just got back from watching a wheelchair basketball game in the city (my brother plays on the Philly Stars team) and it was a good time as always.

Many visitors of the Please Touch Museum probably know nothing about the little gym next door where all is left on the court in the spirit of competition, and a good time is had by all who play & attend.  The game of Wheelchair Basketball is played a lot like normal basketball except the rules are augmented to account for the wheelchairs.  You would not believe until you try how hard it is to shoot on a ten foot rim while sitting down, but these guys do a great job and work really hard to better their games.

If you ever get a chance, and hopefully one day you will, you should definitely take in a game or two of a wheelchair basketball tournament as they are some of the funnest games you will watch.  If anyone has any photos to share from the games Carousel House Wheelchair Basketball Tournament this weekend, please post a link to them in the comments!

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