Monday, February 6, 2012

Remaking Our Communities

The Chestnut St. Playground needs a makeover and an orgnanization has been created to help see that it happens.  Chestnut Street Playground Community CARES is graciously accepting donations and support now through April in hopes of raising $65,000 before breaking ground in early summer.

Chestnut Street Playground Community CARES is engaging the community to re-gentrify a playground in dire need of repair.  The playground has always been and continues to be the gathering place for children and families.  Over time, through heavy use, and with weather wear and tear the need to repair or replace the playground has only grown.

Highlighting the goals Chestnut St. Playground Community CARES is looking to achieve are as follows:
  • Handicap Accessibility: 
    • Adaptive Seats with Belts 5 ft. wide black-top pathways for wheelchair and walker accessibility
  • Safe Equipment:
    • with pour and play matting
  • Learning Integration:
    • Music Maker with drums, rattles, wheels and more encourage learning and intellectual growth.  The play-set includes brail for the blind.  It has also been a wonderful piece for autistic children to participate in the fun.
To help support this great endeavor, many volunteers are going to great lengths to make this vision become reality.  To that end there are many opportunities for the public to participate and support the project, as well as sponsorship's for families or businesses who want to get involved.  

There are many businesses and local community advocates working to create fundraising events.  For a listing of upcoming events please go here. 

Individual donations are also being accepted.

News Articles relating to the project:

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