Thursday, July 26, 2012

What are you building?

I've been thinking a lot about a lot lately. (I tend to do that at times) Planning is important, but all the planning in the world doesn't make a difference if the resources aren't available to implement these grandiose plans of yours.

I know what your thinking, "well that is a given," but businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes are born everyday. Most are destined to return from where they came sooner rather than later.  Leadership is the entrepreneurial ability to make the most efficient uses of resources possible in order to add value and earn profit to a business but they can't do it alone.  Historically it was the old money given best odds at success due to the fact that they have the deep pockets most endeavors take.  The old adage it takes money to make money didn't appear out of thin air and for no reason now did it?

That said Benjamin Franklin and countless others since have proven that even the modest middle class can make a better life for themselves with the right mix of hard work, will and most importantly a little luck.

Technology and in turn the increase ability to communicate with ever larger numbers of people give us the ability to create solutions to problems and realize more opportunities than ever before.  But it was never done alone, the great leaders are the ones who can inspire the masses to come together and achieve great things.

All organizations, even the smallest ones are complex entities that are building something bigger than the individual.  The services and goods you provide today are the result of a ever more complex system of transactions that many fail to even realize.  We truly live in a global world, where we are each others neighbors.  Many problems faced today are of such a great magnitude that there is no other option than to work together to solve them.  It is amazing to me the amount of problems that are created each day, and moreover the sheer number of solutions happening every second.  Opportunities abound and if there is a will then I believe there is certainly a way.

And once this way of yours is found, you certainly will be best suited at implementing a recognition program as quickly as possible.  Finding ways to recognize those people who have helped you succeed or anywhere on your way to where you are planning on going is one tool that will enable you to get where your going quickest.  

My job at Bux-Mont Awards is to make sure that any recognition needs you have are covered to help you maximize the benefits you receive from those helping you succeed.  What we are attempting to build is a recognition services company that hasn't previously, and we can't do it with out you.  In future posts we will explain the many benefits of Bux-Mont Awards that makes the company unique.

What do you think recognition is?  What types of recognition services do you utilize?  Recognition is like the Mortar that holds together the foundation.  What you get from us is the keystone of a business or organization that people want to be a part of.  Whether its corporate award plaques or pats on the back I think all forms of recognition are worthy of mention and encourage you to leave a comment and tell us the ways you use recognition every day as you lay the groundwork of your great idea.  We want space in your tool box!  

Most creative use of recognition as judged by the staff at Bux-Mont Awards will get a prize!  What

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