Monday, August 27, 2012

Free Recognition Consultation

It's been studied and proven that Recognition improves your bottom line, and since Bux-Mont Awards are a recognition services provider, I wanted to extend to you a great offer!

We are looking for businesses who are interested in helping grow their businesses in today's difficult environment.  Helping you recognize the achievements and hard work of your employees is something we take very seriously.  So today we are looking for 6 businesses that want to start a recognition program in their organization.  Bux-Mont Awards will offer you recognition consultation on developing and implementing an awards program in their office.  This is a 500.00 offer that you will receive at no cost to you.

With over 20 years experience with helping businesses of all sizes big and small to recognize the achievements of their employees and customers.  Money gets given and spent, but plaques and personalized awards are symbolic of the hard work that went into the achievement and will be forever used to remember the time place where these things were accomplished.  Life is difficult and hard work should not go unrewarded.

That said, plaques have a place and are not for everyone.  Just like personalized gifts aren't exactly right for every situation.  We will go through the process with you to ensure that your awards match the event so that the benefit for all involved is maximized.  If it is not working then we aren't doing our job, and we take our job seriously.

First six businesses to comment on this post will receive the recognition consultation at no cost to you.  Happy Monday!

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