Monday, December 24, 2012

Recognizing the Importance of The Holidays

As another year wraps up, Bux-Mont Awards has helped thousands in the Bucks and Montgomery Counties with their recognition needs throughout the past year.  Whether it was helping businesses big and small recognize the hard work of their dedicated employees in achieving the goals the company had set forth, helping recognize the achievements of little ones participating in organized youth sports and their tournaments or helping a business with their brand recognition, we have helped many this year meet their needs.

This is not always an easy task, especially with the limited resources we have to work with, but we take our jobs seriously, and without a dedicated staff of employees who are committed to helping serve others, we would never be able to achieve our goals of helping others achieve their goals.  Bux-Mont Awards is proud of our employees, without whom we wouldn't be here, and I wanted to take this post to personally thank them.

Debbie Koehler, our engraver extraordinaire who also wears many more hats has done an exceptional job in supporting Bux-Mont Awards.  She does an amazing job of answering the phones at our Sellersville store, meeting the engraving demands and helping out with the back office tasks and keeping the store as organized as possible.  She likes her ducks in a row and without that we wouldn't be able to meet our goals.

Brian Scholl, our trophy production, digital imprinting specialist, and sand etcher continues to answer the call on the many strenuous tasks we throw at him, and does an unbelievable job with helping customers and keeps the products going out the door as quickly as is imaginable.  He also provides us with an exceptional understanding on how to get things done, and does a wonderful job at processing the orders as they come in giving us the ability to get our customers their products quickly and efficiently.  Brian also wears many hats in the organization and has been an integral member of our team for a number of years now.

Matt Branning, our engraving specialist at our Lansdale store, continues to be a great asset to the company.  Since we bought Gerharts Engraving two years ago, Matt stayed with the organization and provides our customers with their engraving needs with a great eye to detail.  Matt has a knack for getting things done when they are needed and continues to provide our customers with an expert opinion on getting them exactly what they need.

These three our the best gifts a company could ask for throughout the year and we don't show them enough appreciation.  As a provider of awards and recognition services, they are the epitome of what we do here at Bux-Mont Awards.  While it's past the season of giving thanks, it should really be done all year round.  Thank you to our employees for making our business what it is; the premiere provider of trophies, plaques, awards, and recognition services in the Bucks, Montgomery and eastern Pennsylvania region.  Without you there is no we, and there is no I in team.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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