Thursday, December 5, 2013

Authorized Zippo Seller

Many places sell Zippo's but if you want it engraved you then have to take that zippo over to an engraver and have them do it.  We will not only sell you the Zippo, but we will engrave it for you. High quality engraving offers a unique opportunity to customize a gift for that lighter lover in your life this holiday season.

So if you are searching for the perfect gift for a lighter lover, or even a skier or snowboard enthusiast who likes to venture off course, this is a must have for them.  You know, in case they get lost and need to start a fire.  They'll need the zippo.   With their name on it!

Pop on over to Bux-Mont Awards, if we don't have it we can still order it in time for the holidays!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Custom Personalized Wine Gifts

Elegant bottle holder tools and etched glassware
 We recently redid the showroom for the holidays and are featuring some great unique wine gifts that can be personalized to your liking and in many different ways.  If you are looking for a unique gift and know the value in supporting local business, please stop in and see what Bux-Mont Awards has.

We offer a selection of stemware and wine glasses that can be elegantly etched with your gift getters favorite phrase or catchy I love wine phrases.

Your photos can be put on our wine totes and we have both cloth and neoprene that can be personalized and imprinted.  The perfect compliment to your wine lovers favorite bottle.

Custom wine gifts totes
Wine Totes can be personalized
Also, a new item this year in stock happens to be one of Oprahs favorite things for the Christmas season.  The corkcicle keeps your reds and whites at the perfect drinking temperature and is filled with the same non-toxic materials that they use in baby teething toys.  This is a must have this season for your wine lover and can be monogrammed or dated for a perfect personalization.
Corckcicle Wine Gift
Corkcicle is one of Oprahs Favorite Gifts
Mention this blog post and receive a discount of 10% on your 2013 holiday gift purchase.  If you visit us on facebook or leave a comment on this blog post, you will get a 10.00 gift card in addition to 10% off of your 2013 holiday gift personalization service.

We all know how hectic the mall can be and who wants to pay crazy mall prices.  We at Bux-Mont Awards say, "skip the mall, we engrave it all!"  

Have a happy and healthy holiday season!