Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Discover the Value(s) of Youth Sports

Sixty percent of boys and 47% of girls participate in team sports by age 6. An estimated 30 million children participate in youth sports programs in the United States alone, an encouraging number
when you consider the myriad benefits. Though nearly half will quit a sport at some point—with many saying they aren’t having fun anymore, a third will return to a sport they had quit.
Recognize achievement in youth football
Recognize Achievement in Youth Sports 

For 61% of boys and 34% of girls, sports is a big part of their identity. There are more children who are passionate about sports
than there are MVPs. That’s why it’s crucial to assess what’s really important in the sports programs in which you’re involved. The
kids may think the only goal is to score goals, but why does the league really exist? Are you just offering something fun to do, or do you recognize the importance of sports in children’s lives? Youth sports participation can build self-respect, instill self discipline, develop time-management skills, provide stress relief,
and teach management of the emotions that come with success and failure. Does your league’s awards program reflect the value of those skills?

Continue to award outstanding players, but consider adding recognition of players who excel at other skills fostered on the field. Honor the most improved player for his or her tenacity. Reward the hardest worker, the player who toils away endlessly despite not being in the spotlight. Recognize the model teammate, the child who makes the team a great place for his or her fellow players. Show your appreciation for the kid displaying the best sportsmanship to make him or her an example for the children who are still developing that trait.

Don’t just hand out these trophies; explain to the team what quality is being singled out and give specific examples of what that player has done to deserve the honor. This ensures the award is
meaningful to the recipient—and that the rest of the team understands which qualities are important to the team and to society.

So if you are looking to effectively recognize the achievements of the kids participating in youth sports, make sure you give them quality sports awards and do it in a way that brings meaning to their lives.

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