Thursday, July 12, 2007

Univest Grand Prix

It's the attention to detail, as I am sure many of you know, that makes all the difference in this world, and it just so happens it's also what we, as recognition experts, pride ourselves on. I was at a luncheon yesterday put on by the Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce, and it was a great event. With much attention to detail, the program went off without a hitch. John Sparta, from Sparta Cycling, was talking about the Univest Grand Prix, giving us an update as to how it is coming and changes to be expected.

With entering into a new community, it compelled me to fill out a volunteer form, because hearing this guy talk about what a great community event this is and how it's great for everyone involved was very refreshing to hear. I mean I knew the Pennridge community was this way because I grew up there, and I had a feeling that the Souderton community would be the same way, but hearing him speak really hit home. This guy, from New York, really knew what it took to make an event successful and that was getting the community behind it. Once the community is behind it, it really becomes unique and turns into it's own entity, and it's really great to watch.

You should all be proud to live in such a thriving, vibrant community so full of such spirit and energy. The people here came together and supported us when my brother was deathly ill and throughout his recovery, and while we knew what this community has to offer, it's nice to hear other people reinforce it. I am happy to be here, and happy to help!

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